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What is on the Moon?

What is on the Moon?

New Truth. False Doctrine. Providential. Cultic. Inspiring. Manipulative. Chosen. Evil.

People say a lot about the Unification Church. Can you give us a chance to tell our stories?

Ten reasons why the atom is not a good role model for human couples


Divine Principle claims that the relationships within the atom are an example of the harmonious interaction of male and female or positive and negative found throughout creation, but Moon based this assertion on 19th Century physics. Here are ten reasons why such a view no longer makes sense:

1) The nucleus of the atom is not a single thing but is made up of protons and neutrons. This is like a wife having a masculine husband and a second, asexual spouse. Hydrogen (in its most common form, protium) is the only atomic element without a neutron.

Anonymous asked: ah good reads for a monday morning,roger would you bark in the room with justin or presston ?

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WIOTM has promised to help Hye Sung raise his money by posting every so often. This may seem random and even annoying, but as the founder of HWDYKYM, and somebody who does good work, we want to see him fully funded. He has only $1200 more to raise. Help his cause out!

Anonymous asked: Roger, second gen is right. In order for reconciliation you need to address the real issues and objections we as ex-members, or whatever have.

Anonymous asked: Geometry, Does it really matter what they do with the financial foundation once Mrs. Moon dies? If you are a die hard moonie like i think you are then there is personal responsibility and mission. There is still God's situation to work out. That's not going to go away whatever framework you are in. Moon did leave a legacy of a method despite everything else. Complete your Jacobs course and amaze us all. Here's something radical - try doing it in another framework like Christianity for example.


I just saw sacred geometry on youtube by one of the moons son. how sad it was to think it geometry can take the place of moon himself and the thought of restoring man kind in sun moons life time with a country as a holy land. I myself didn`t join because of Geometry or any other thing except the foolished child in me that wanted to bring the Garden of Eden on Earth in My life time as well in moons life time  :( To end all suffering all tears wiped away. all broken hearts mended. what do members say to people now? join and give money because of sacred geometry! moom was not the messiah and members better get ready financially ready because when Mrs.Moon passes away you can bet the bosses in the movment will vanish with everything including the nims!

Anonymous asked: Roger, as a 2nd gen, I find your attitude, tone, and original mind greatly lacking. If the way you talk ( write) is what is in your heart, I want nothing to do with it! At least the Bramwell guy wrote what all of us are thinking, you just sound like Hyo Jin when he was coked up! We need to hear Bramwell's, and others opinions to begin healing, not just cover it up like you want. You are the epitomy of what has caused the church and the TCs to fall from God's graces. Better to shut your pie hole"

Re: The Fall and the Nims

You are right . It never was anything other than entrapment in a  spiralling , never ending maze , paying a never ending debt you don’t actually owe to people who have no business collecting . The rouse should be self evident at this point .So much effort , time and needless suffering and what has changed ? Nothing , except for things related to material wealth .



Yes Mark Barkwell you certainly bark well.    You have been ordered a few years ago not to preach or give any type of church service in Europe now we know why.  Its your damn big mouth!

Who in the hell are you to tell the leader of the church True Mother that she is off for blessing her two daughters?  What kind of bullshit is this as if you have any say so at all.   

She decides who to bless and who doesn’t get blessed since she is the official leader of the church.   Not some defunct, ousted leader from England who can not control his pie hole!     You caused trouble all over Europe with your own viewpoint of the DP, you confused the 2nd generation what few there are in England with your spin on the truth.

Now here you are again barking up the wrong tree accusing Mrs Moon for blessing her last two daughters as if it is such a great big sin what this mother is doing.    

True Mother in her profound wisdom has opened the door ,widened the highway for other 2nd generation children to get blessed the same way her daughters have done.  She has opened the gate wider for all to be blessed not a chosen few thousand who had to wait 7 years ,do the formula course and suffer for years longing for a mate.

You should just such your God Damn pie hole and accept the fact that your time has come and gone along time ago.  You are a has been,you need to move aside and let others show the way.


Anonymous asked: Correct me if I'm wrong… Wasn't the story of the garden of Eden written during the Babylonian captivity? I think I remember reading somewhere that the story was written to discourage Young jewish girls from entering the Gardens of Babylon and being seduced by Babylonian landlords. Maybe a seminarian can chime in on this.