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What is on the Moon?

What is on the Moon?

New Truth. False Doctrine. Providential. Cultic. Inspiring. Manipulative. Chosen. Evil.

People say a lot about the Unification Church. Can you give us a chance to tell our stories?

RE: Rev Moon loved Annie Choi


Wow, I just love it when people make gifts to WIOTM like Roger did with his “Rev Moon loved Annie Choi” missive. It’s almost as good as when Dave Fleming wrote that Mary “mother of Jesus” and the sexual lovers of The Rev. Sun Myung Moon who got pregnant and gave birth to his two illegitimate sons Hee Jin and Sammy Pak were all conceived, not through the sexual fall, but with a straw that carried the semen to the wombs of those providential women. He called the conception of Jesus, Hee Jin and Sammy the result of artificial insemination. Geeesh…

Really? Rev Moon was in love with Annie Choi?

He was having sex with Annie Choi before his marriage to Hak Ja Han and he continued to have sex with her after his “blessing” to HJH. It was Annie Choi who loved Sun Myung Moon and not the other way around or he would have married her. Hak Ja Han was his wife by arrangement. There are no testimonies of HJH falling in love with SMM and then becoming his wife. She was, by the western way of reckoning age, 16 years old. He was 40 or something like that.

Annie Choi was kept around to satisfy Moon’s Luciferian need to be worshiped during sex (ONLY LOVE can make a women worship the man she is having sex with) while HJH was an innocent virgin, who was not in love with Moon but doing her duty (as instructed by her cult crazed mother) to marry Moon and so her sexual expression with Moon was dutiful, mechanical….boring.

Later, she would be instructed by her elders to “act like a prostitute in the bedroom” in order to keep her husband SMM from seeking sexual gratification outside of the sanctity of the marriage bed! She then gave that exact same advice to her daughter in law Nan Sook for the same reasons.

Is it any wonder that Hak Ja Han lost her faith in God? Is it any wonder HJH turned to material possessions to fill the void Moon left in her with his constant twisting of reality in order to justify his sexual insanity? Is it any wonder HJH and her kids hate the members of their church enough to use and abuse them endlessly (and then do the same to the members children)?

Rev Moon’s life was not the display of a pure Adamic central figure in the providence of God. Sun Myung Moons’ life was a perfect example of a man who personified Lucifer’s nature. He dominated his congregation from beginning to end. He used everyone he possibly could for personal gain. He twisted the truth by portraying evil as good and good as evil when he deemed falling in love as sinful/fallen instead claiming that a matching to a stranger and marrying that stranger was actually “true love”. In Jin Moon got it right when she called the matching and marriage (IT IS NOT A “BLESSING”!) institutional rape. If In Jin Moon is correct (and she is) then Hak Ja Han, her own mother was raped by her father, SMM.

Only a man would think Moon was in love with Annie Choi or Hak Ja Han or any other women he fucked for that matter.

Moon was ever only in love with himself…just like Lucifer.

Anonymous asked: Roger, so if you love someone, and put them into a providential position, then you can have sex with them - until they get pregnant? You appear to believe that Moon can do no wrong. He can be unprincipled, immoral, unethical, and an adulterer. He can say he is true when he is false. He can abuse you and call it love. If you give up your identity then I am afraid that you will find you have an empty self and that's why you can't let go. You even condone unprincipled behavior.


This comment was really funny and clever and hilarious. Moon was so chauvinistic in his attitudes toward women that he could never aknowledge publicly that he got a new spiritual body yongch’e or new blood pikareum from God through a woman, the ‘wife of Jehovah’. They had a pikareum ceremony in June 1946 in Pyongyang. Grandmother Pak Wol-yong was the giver of the new blood and Moon was in the receiving position. So Ms. Pak Wol-yong was his Messiah. But Moon never aknowledged her spiritual position because it was too humiliating for him.

Kirsti Nevalainen

"Western elites desire to loot Russia, a juicy prize, … "The Western elites and governments are not merely totally corrupt, they are insane. As I have previously written, don’t expect to live much longer," Roberts warns."Western elites desire to loot Russia, a juicy prize, … "The Western elites and governments are not merely totally corrupt, they are insane. As I have previously written, don’t expect to live much longer," Roberts warns.

Western elites desire to loot Russia, a juicy prize, … “The Western elites and governments are not merely totally corrupt, they are insane. As I have previously written, don’t expect to live much longer,” Roberts warns. To Members www.infowars.com I can`t belive the crap I rsee in this blog compared to world events unfolding! The Garbage UC should help in the fight against the New World Order . We can revert back to complaining later but for now we have a more important problem!

Moon’s Dilemma with Pigareum

Reading another excerpt from Ms. Kirsti’s book, I came to sympathize with Rev. Moon for his initial dilemma with the blood lineage transmission (“hyuldae gyohwan”), commonly known as “pigareum” (blood sharing).


His dilemma was that, in order to inherit God’s pure lineage, he must have sex with God. As he firmly believed in the pigareum theory, the hold lineage is transmitted only through a sexual ritual. What else? We are not doing the literal blood donation here… We are talking about God’s pure lineage, “spiritual” blood. The divine transmission must be done by the most intimate and deepest communication possible between two human beings. “It must be sex.” It made perfect sense to Moon per his own experience (according to his first wife, Moon’s sexual vigor was like snake).

“But, God is a male. How could I…” Being a homophobia, Moon considered it impossible.

So, no matter what he tries, he would not become the first human being who would inherit God’s spiritual blood. Some lucky woman would be. Disappointed, but he had no choice but to find the lucky woman and ask her to share her lineage. “Then, I will figure out how to beat the woman. I am the Messiah. I am the first.” Damn it, who knew the pigareum providence would give women the advantage!

Anyway, to have sex with the lucky mid-50s woman (Ms. Park Wol-yong), the wife of Jehovah, Moon even had to carry her dirty laundry literally (He was only 26 or some then! I respect his willpower and endurance to become the best). Moon later rationalized that he had to serve the grandma because he had to reverse the order of Fall. Ha! A wrong reasoning, Teacher. The fall was the reverse order itself. So, in order to reverse it back, you must have pushed through the right order (I mean, the right order in Moon’s belief) even harder, that is, had the woman serve you. You failed it, didn’t you?

If Rev. Moon were a gay, things would have been much easier: He would have been very happy, from the beginning of the pigareum providence, for being the first male who was screwed by God. And, we all would have been happy too, because a gay person cannot be so successful in Korea, such a strong male chauvinistic society, for the messiah business. Then, Moon would have just died as a queer religious figure, and not had a chance to harm so many innocent (but, ignorant-a-bit) people called “Moonies.”

Anonymous asked: @Roger, you seem believing in the idea of providential adultery. That is, an adultery must be excused if it was providential and the relationship began before the other party’s marriage. Is Providence like a couple of blank checks that you could conveniently use for whatever you like? Do you believe in providential incest, providential tax invasion, providential battery, providential extortion, or providential whatever? Check your mentality before you get institutionalized. –A psychiatrist

Anonymous asked: Roger, You need to answer the same question that I asked Peter.