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What is on the Moon?

What is on the Moon?

New Truth. False Doctrine. Providential. Cultic. Inspiring. Manipulative. Chosen. Evil.

People say a lot about the Unification Church. Can you give us a chance to tell our stories?

Why I post under my real name.

Because I write according to my conscience. The adherents of the principle are supposed to enable true freedom of the original mind by teaching a higher moral authority that can elevate conscience to a higher level of goodness. The principle according to Moon teaches that the good ends justify the evil means. Divine Law according to Catholicism on the other hand teaches that the evil means do not justify the good ends. By associating and interacting with evil you manifest and embody it.

Principle contradicts itself when on the one hand the ends justify the means, but also, that we should not have any kind of give and take action with evil. To do so develops the evil mind and we center on Satan instead of God. We continue to make conditions through which we form a reciprocal base of interaction with evil.

So I express my opinion in accordance with the level of conscience that I currently have through reason and guided by a higher moral authority. It’s a process that is ongoing. Catholics may consider Jesus’ teaching, or their church, or their local priests to be a higher moral authority just like Unificationists may do the same with Moon, his words, and his teaching, or the current teaching of the people in authority in the unification movement.

The challenge is to seek out and find the higher truth (moral authority). Divine Principle is supposed to be that higher truth. It seems that the authority of the words (the truth) is being replaced by the authority of the people currently in charge of the group. People are expected to conform to Divine Law - not the other way around. Ultimately God has that higher truth that can elevate the standard of our conscience. You could equate the understanding of Divine Law with the concept of the Principle. 

So if you see something wrong, or feel uneasy about something then it’s most likely God guiding you through your inherent conscience. Everyone has one. We can obey or disobey but the responsibility is still ours if we do not follow it. Established authority will always seek out dissenters and eliminate them through whatever means they can to maintain the status quo and protect the corrupt authority.

It is better to face the hard cold reality than to live in unreality. It is better in the long run to face the world and do what is right, than to live in ignorance and delusion. 

So if you see corruption or ineptitude in the mother church - then just like the Catholics with their church or unificationist’s with their current incarnation of the unification movement - then we have a responsibility to point out what is wrong so that it can be examined. It’s kind of like the conscience on a different level.

John Reed.

Anonymous asked: I brought a condo in the spirit world. They told me the view is nice and it's just down the street from the true parents palatial mansion. But what they didn't tell me before I paid for it was that they have many many mansions throughout the spirit world. So I'm kind of bummed out. There was no contract - so no basis for a refund. Too bad I don't get to see it until I pass on over to the other side. Anyone want to buy a condo? Nice location - wonderful views. YMMV.

Anonymous asked: Dear Follower of no man, thank you for what you wrote about concealing your identity. You are right of course, it is not cowardly of you or anyone else to do so. I was moved by what you said and how you said it. Very well put. I have thought of people who hide their identity here as cowards, often in fact, but no more. Thanks again for your heart felt explaination. Linda Feher

Anonymous asked: to vent is to air out,golf is it not an aid for such?

The Cowards Manifesto

The point here is not preserving our dignity (what’s the use of it?), but causing as much damage as we can in retaliation to the Moons and filthy Korean leaders. The Jewish Bible supports such action of retaliation as legitimate. “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth.” Words for words. They cheated us by using words; we retaliate against them using words. They wasted our families’ precious lives; we ruin the quality of their families’ lives. 

We are the weak or meek with no significant power individually. Anonymity suits our status. But, do you know the entire universe (including you) is nothing but an arrangement of tiny anonymous particles, so insignificant individually? The NUMBER of them is the secret of creating the universe. Insignificant, anonymous individuals could be numerous and become very powerful by gathering.

 As cowards, we enjoy our freedom of speech anonymously and upload as many gossips as we can to damage the reputation of our common enemies. The Korean cult depends on its reputation for survival much more than we do. They have no other choices. Messing up with their reputation is a very effective (and easy) way to contribute in our joint venture to cut off their lifeline. Cutting off the Church’s financial line has to be done by professionals. 

Regarding the issue of anonymity, who wants to risk using name and damaging reputation himself for doing a trivial thing, like downtime gossip on a Korean cult? C’mon, that’s stupid. By the way (in case you haven’t realized), while self-dignity is useless, social reputation is valuable and very important. We are to use our names only for doing significant things, like writing an academic essay on the human right issue or something. Unsure of how effective our postings here would be, we do this primarily for fun. And, it’s easy. We can do this as leisure for the rest of our lives. I am so young and shall definitely witness the natural dying out of these Moon and Korean creatures once appeared on the earth. 

–A coward

Why I do not post under my own name

I do not use my actual name because I have a very uncommon last name. I am the only person in the US with my first and last names. A search of my name turns up internet posts I made as over ten years ago. I am careful when it comes to what goes on the internet under my actual name, because it will be there from then on.

Many employers do internet checks of prospective employees, and I do not want my name to come up in association with the UC, nor do I want an employer reading my posts here. They don’t need to know any of that about me or read what I have to say about it, and it could cost me a job if I were compared with another applicant without anything weird in their background. I am careful to not post anything, anywhere, (not just here) that could cause a problem for me, or which is simply not for public knowledge.

I don’t talk about the past with my friends. They don’t know about my past involvement with the UC, and I don’t want them to know. I am deeply humiliated to think of my own gullibility and weakness, letting myself be pressured into giving up my autonomy (going against my better judgment), and allowing the UC leaders to impose their totalitarian control over my life for six years. I don’t want to try to explain it to people.

I only want to talk about it with people who have lived it, and that, as part of dealing with it. I lost a lot of self-respect when I realized that I allowed myself to be coerced, manipulated and browbeaten into doing things I knew were wrong (I was never the fanatic many others were). I had always resisted pressures like that before my UC involvement, and realized afterward that I was not as strong as I thought I was, and that I was not so different from some of the absolute sheeple in the UC. It’s painful to even think about, but talking here with other UC survivors is therapeutic.

If an old friend should try to look me up by searching, I don’t want them to know about that chapter in my life. They will remember the Moonies, and it’s damn embarrassing for them to know I was so stupid.

That is not dishonest. I don’t owe anyone an accounting of everything I’ve done in my life, and I am not going to volunteer one, particularly in regards to the UC. It is not cowardly, either. If a friend or friends were to find out, or if it should happen that I were asked something like did I ever meet a Moonie, I would be forthright about my knowledge and participation in the UC. I would talk about it to the full extent that they would want to know about it. I am pretty sure it would be a bigger deal to me than to them. 

I hope this reduces the judgment, shown by some, toward those former members who do not post under their own names.


Follower of No Man.

Anonymous asked: "200 Million Dollars Disappear in Chungpyeong" Sources recently revealed the location of the 200M. Apparently the cost of building materials have dramatically increased with the development of apartments in the Spirit World. The money is being held until they discover a way of converting physical cash into invisible untangle currency. No date has been set yet. Golf appears to be the primary means of conversion.

Anonymously deriding anonymity


Re: “Anonymous asked: All you guys bitching about the church anonymously are so pathetic…”

Anonymously deriding anonymity?

Does that count?