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What is on the Moon?

What is on the Moon?

New Truth. False Doctrine. Providential. Cultic. Inspiring. Manipulative. Chosen. Evil.

People say a lot about the Unification Church. Can you give us a chance to tell our stories?

in the Indemnity Ceremony, each couple bestowed a symbolic beating to their partner. After listening to a speech detailing how we were to forget our past history with, and resentment toward, the opposite sex, we lined up two by two with several hundred members of the North American camp, in one of the concrete meeting rooms. We dressed casually in jeans and T-shirts. A few members arrived wearing short shorts and leather pants.
“The more you love your partner, the harder you will hit,” our Central Figure said. “Just imagine your spouse is a big baby.”
A three-hundred-pound brother beside us turned to his petite Japanese wife.”A VERY big baby!” he laughed.
When we reached the front, a Korean brother handed Gabriel a wooden baseball bat, watched while he whacked me three times on the backside, then handed the bat to me. We bent over to receive our blows, and were advised to hit our partner only on the buttocks and upper thighs. After this, my only physical contact with a man for over two years, I lay on my stomach on my sleeping bag, concentrating on the tingling sensation where wood had met flesh.

—Yolanda Brener on the “Indemnity Stick”

(Source: nerve.com)

Anonymous asked: to the pro-gay poster; i admire your strength and your wisdom. i pray that the 2nd generation leaving the church will consider their broken BC brethren who deal with such struggles, in regards to their gender and sexuality. i pray we all will learn from them, as a people barred from salvation because of their nature. i, too, refuse to believe that being gay, transgender, etc., is the unforgivable sin. and to me, this is one of the greatest errors of the DP.

Anonymous asked: Re: person having hard time taking moonies/ex-moonies seriously....I totally agree with you. As an asexual ex-member who struggled for decades in the UC, doing everything I was told to do, liberating everything I was told to, hearing all the leaders & members who told me my situation was "indemnity" -it's all b.s. If I hadn't been threatened by the leaders telling me my ancestors would attack me for eternity, I wouldn't have married or had kids - I just don't swing that way. It's how I was born.

Anonymous asked: They call us homophobes if we are anti gay and lesbian. They call us haters. But I call men who are gay viginaphobes and women who are lesbians penisphobes because they hate the idea of love/sex with the opposite sex. We don'e all hate you for being queer, but I for one find what you do as repulsive. as you find hetrosexual love/sex. Get over yourself and stop demanding we like what you do.

Anonymous asked: To the gay guy (B.M. ? son of B.M.?)...I don't remember reading all this anti gay point of view you seem to think has been posted all over WIOTM. Where is it. I think it's all in your head. I think your the one with the "anti" mind set. Yet you attack everyone on this blog as if each has written anti homosexual rants to persoanlly offend you. No one here is stopping you from getting a gay lover, or getting married to a man. Why are you blaming us for your loneliness?

Anonymous asked: Get a life gay person. Stop making your sexual preference our problem. No one on WIOTM is stopping you from doing your queer thing. Why must you have anyones permission to live the way you choose? Just do it and leave those of us who don't like it out of it. Your sexual preference is your private business, stop making it ours and then blaming us for not liking it. Your hatred is showing when you tell us your gay and then attack us for knowing.

Dave Fleming, Revolutionary party etc,

It’s an important dialog and probably this isn’t the place for it. I was relating objective views on the perversion of the American individual liberty platform that accommodates all religious beliefs under a representative elected government of checks and balances. What we have now is an empire directed by a banking cabal that worships Mammon. Moon was subservient to this shadow government from the beginning or he wouldn’t have had the successful run that he did here in the U.S. In other words, you and I and the other members were pimped out to the C.I.A. in a well orchestrated mind control experiment that has metastasized to encompass the general public, media, etc. Home church would be great if you were offering helpful advice other than repeating that Moon is the second advent of Christ. Especially now that more info is being provided on Moon’s shady origins.

respectfully, Frank F 

Why I Have Such A Hard Time Taking Both Moonies and Many Ex-Moonies Seriously

Both Moonies and ex-Moonies claim to be enlightened; to have taken a better path and are more advanced, whether that be spiritually or intellectually (or both), than the other. Yet roughly 10% of the population, if not more when counting the wider ‘queer’ population, is not respected, honored, or loved in any sense in Unification theology, and somehow many ex-members have come out as right-wing nuts who also want to preserve their idea of a God-centered family or the ‘natural way’. On the blog ‘What is on the Moon’, I have read ex-Moonies, some of which are fundamentalist Christians and others that are vaguely spiritual, condemn gays for their inclinations and behaviors.

I have to challenge the Moonie who simply wants to create God-centered families, ones based on the Principle: you do know that this black-and-white picture your Divine Principle presents is not only contradicting the Bible (a library of books with a wide variety of authors with different perspectives and theological views that seem irreconcilable until the library concludes with the story of Jesus, who ultimately presents the perfect picture of God; in compassion in mercy) but also how science works, with ambiguity haunting how everything in this universe (and perhaps universes) works. The fact that there are intersex people should challenge the very basis of the Divine Principle for not all people are either male or female, and why would God create somebody who could not find their ‘opposite’, their ‘object’, or their ‘subject’? Why would God create somebody who could not fulfill their destiny of creating a family and therefore will never achieve the fullness of their salvation?

The Unification Church needs to seriously re-think their theology on sexuality and gender, because too many people not only struggle but have been pushed to deep depression and even suicide because of the Church and society’s stance on these matters. 

It is not black-and-white.

Reparitive therapy has proven to be ineffective time after time, only causing greater depression and suffering in those who undergo these treatments.

A straight-marriage will not cure gay BCs.

Healing seems just about impossible.

What needs to be done is story-telling. What needs to be done is listening. Find a trans* person, find a gay friend, find an intersex individual born with both genitalia, and listen to their stories. Listen to their desires for a relationship, for a spouse, for a lover, for a partner. Listen to their rejection. Listen to their hurts. And if your theology cannot support them live to their fullest, you need to re-think your theology.

And for those who have left and yet still adopt a fundamentalist, rigid, unloving perspective on these matters: maybe you are not as advanced as you like to brag. Maybe you are not as enlightened as you like to preach. And maybe becoming born again didn’t really change you as much as you’d like to think but you funneled your fanaticism into another worldview—which really isn’t all that different.

You don’t impress me and if you don’t accept the fact that gays cannot change and that their love is valid, and that matters of gender and sexuality are complicated and even ambiguous, and that people are being hurt by your oppressive beliefs…. then you really need to learn what love is and accept the fact that if you don’t, you will be on the wrong side of history. 

Anonymous asked: Where is Kwon Jin these days? Come out of the closet, Kwon Jin. Just come out. Nobody will think of you differently. Don’t you think it’s gone on long enough?

Anonymous asked: Re: A Defense of Hak Ja Han. Where did you hear that soon people will be able to marry whoever they want?