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What is on the Moon?

What is on the Moon?

New Truth. False Doctrine. Providential. Cultic. Inspiring. Manipulative. Chosen. Evil.

People say a lot about the Unification Church. Can you give us a chance to tell our stories?

Anonymous asked: Roger, you may be due for ancestor liberation. I would check into it while you still can. It may not be available for much longer. You can still do it if you make the check out in the name of the Kim's golf course. I mean it really goes to the same destination anyway right? Roger, admit it - you secretly hope that Moon will resurrect. You may be the one who is obsessed with the dead messiah - otherwise why keep bringing it up and accusing Frank of it and why continue being defensive and whiny.

Anonymous asked: Who owns the Seattle Windermere house, that members spent 90% of their time fundraising for - slave labor again...?

Anonymous asked: To Peter: Your judgement may be clouded by the fact that part or all of your livelihood comes from the church or a church related business. Are you on a payroll that is in any way connected to the church? I was a 'lay missionary' for 22 years and I had no idea that the leaders were being compensated. I gull-ably believed that we were all volunteers. You will never be able even begin to see the 'Matrix' if you cannot cut your financial ties to it. Financial ties make you an 'agent' of the system.

Peter Stephenson:

Don’t be afraid to peek behind and then pull wide open the curtain! If Oz is the benevolent benefactor that you believe Oz to be, Oz will merely be amused by your child-like heart. Just remember; in the life of “high-noon”, there should be no shadows and the should be no curtains.


Frank Frivilious is beating the dead messiah again and again and again

Do you have a job Frank?    You spend so much time digging old news on the dead old man Rev Moon that you must be unemployed.

I never saw such a pie hole of a mouth like you other than Dave Fleming and the man from snowy river John Reed you are  all pathetic.

Who cares about how many women Rev Moon may or may not of had or if he helped sink the Korean Ferry how absurd.    You are so delusional that you think Rev Moon downed helped down the Malaysian airliner . 

Your probably an old washed up exmoonie who is still lost in the 70s

Your only friend is your computer .


Anonymous asked: Oh geez, sorry Peter. I see you to have been castigated by D. Fleming, as we all have at one time or another. He's too much most of the time but I believe deep down he means well (most of the time).

Anonymous asked: well dave,stroking it after hours,is still stroking,good reads,what of the old u.s. guard,city council member mike yakawitch,phil s,etc...?

Leadership crisis in the Unification Church?

Nope. Not at all. Never was in fact. Moon never wanted to cultivate leaders in the church, particularly in the west. He only wanted functionaries who would convey his directives to the members. No different than how the United States controls it’s far flung empire. Democracy is discouraged and suppressed and corrupt strong men installed to keep the masses in check. I personally have never seen or communicated with Neil Salonen who is easily recognized as a prominent American leader in the church. In all of his years of service he seemed to have been more concerned with lobbying American Institutions on behalf of Moon than actual public service. I get the feeling that he may have been embarrassed to be associated with the general membership. This is what I find dismaying about Peter Stephanson’s arguments where this supposed free thinking member can confront every problem of the church but never, ever question the leadership of Moon himself.  We were recently treated to a glimmer of leadership in Thomas Cromwell (or is it John Harries) who published an open letter excoriating In Jin Moon for her failures but again, sadly, he leaves the door open for continued abuse in the name of the father.   http://www.unification.net/misc/openletter_20120913.html   These are not the words of an anonymous blogger hiding in his parent’s basement to be sure. Mr. Cromwell says everything that needed to be said except where it may concern In Jin’s Father. In spite of all that has been revealed about Mr. Moon, Cromwell is still an admirer. Somehow we still have to rely on anonymous bloggers to get to the truth. I guess Mr. Cromwell is too busy doing other stuff anyway: http://publicdiplomacy.wikia.com/wiki/Nation_Branding

Will matters ever improve in the Unification Church or will the members just have to continue forcing themselves to think positively? Let’s look at current events for evidence of change. The members now have access to grants for local development.


Local representatives are selected to represent members in deciding how to distribute meager funds and what to use it for. Why not just dispense with the formality and let the local churches spend their own tithes in the manner that they see fit? That is probably one issue the members will never get to decide upon. Years ago I suggested that the local members incorporate in order to get control of the local plum properties before someone in N.Y. decides to sell them off. I happen to know that the members fundraised to get the money to buy these properties. Damien Andersen even went through the trouble to compile a list of them just to keep track:  http://www.tparents.org/Library/Unification/Talks/Anderson/Anderson-121017.pdf#search="property list"

In recent years we have seen a spate of letters from the members in other regions desperately seeking relief from the Continental Directors imposed upon them by the church. http://howwelldoyouknowyourmoon.tumblr.com/post/53557148609/corruption-in-the-unification-church-of-ukraine

I have to assume that the letters were only published because they previously fell upon deaf ears in the chain of command. The letter condemning the former Continental leader of Oceania is of concern because he has been reinstated:


It seems to be a repeat of the shameful event in Brazil: http://howwelldoyouknowyourmoon.tumblr.com/post/803505411/editors-note-this-is-a-very-serious-post-you

It seems that both Moon factions collaborated on successfully distracting the members from a very serious event with little or no consideration for the concerns of the members and their safety. Now a remedy is finally proposed for filing complaints with strict administrative guidelines:  http://simoncooper.um-uk.org/2013/07/25/the-american-uc-steps-boldly-forward-into-the-modern-world/

Does anybody want to hazard a guess on if this policy applies to members of Moon’s family and close confidents? I have the same gut feeling as Peter does in the comments that this policy was designed to keep complaints out of the public limelight.

Then of course, we finally come to the issue of the Church traditional hierarchical structure and decision making at the highest levels of the organization. What decisions have been made or are being made on behalf of the church by Moon and members of his family? Where is the transparency and accountability in areas of the most far-reaching significance for the entire organization? Recently, the body of the cult leader responsible for the Sewol ferry disaster was discovered.


I’m sure that the S. Korean Government is breathing a sigh of relief that they don’t have to try this fellow. The question now is how or why this church leader was allowed to make the decisions he did with little or no oversight from his supporters. One can easily see that the same controls are absent from the Unification Church hierarchy. The members recently discovered that Mrs. Moons medium has absconded with significant amounts of money that was donated by the members. There doesn’t appear to be any way to redress the problem or even recover the losses. This of course, follows the losses of almost the entire financial foundation of the church in the U.S. to her eldest son. Her response is rather telling as she makes angry demands upon the Japanese members for increased donations. She doesn’t appear to have developed very far from the frightened little girl that was offered to Moon many years ago and now she is trying to lead the organization by herself. One also has to be very concerned about these types of reports filtering out to the public:


Is it high time to reconsider your commitment to this organization? Or at least have a rational discussion about its future without resorting to defensive tactics? I have to say that I admire the resilience of the diehard church members but worry about the consequences of their blind faith in a cult following that has demonstrated such disregard for its adherents for so long. Frank



Peter Stephenson resides in hell on Earth, and is headed toward the lowest part of Hell in Spirit World, because he has supported the LEADER-CENTERED UC for (years?), (decades?), AND ARROGANTLY CONTINUES TO DO SO. The question is, does he realize that fact, and if so, is he just knowingly serving Satan, in claiming that it’s God’s Will that the LEADER-CENTERED UC be supported, as we “change what we can”, in piecemeal, (100%-ineffectual) fashion. His satanic twisting of the truth seems to have no limits, as he rambles on and on and on so smoothly, in the same spirit of deceptive “love” that guided the Serpent’s talk to Eve in Eden.

But I say to you, as long as you support the LEADER-CENTERED UC in any way whatsoever, you are serving Satan 100%, no matter how ignorant and/or well-meaning you may be, (or falsely claim to be). You CANNOT have your cake and eat it too, (as Peter Stephenson will most certainly discover)!

For a long time, I believed that this conflict, between the MEMBER-CENTERED UC that is to be created, and the disobedient-to-SMM, 100%-satanic LEADER-CENTERED UC, is similar to what happened between the old Catholic Church and the Protestants who came later. That would mean that both the LEADER-CENTERED and MEMBER-CENTERED UCs would exist in parallel. But I’ve now realized that such a “parallel existence” is intrinsically irreconcilable with, and 100%-opposite to God’s Will. There’s an example I’d apply, that occurred when we sent manned rockets to land on the moon —- the term is “(go)/(no-go), which meant that a problem that was serious enough “scrubbed the mission”, until that problem was removed. God’s clear direction is to utterly destroy the satanically-disobedient, LEADER-CENTERED UC, replacing it with a scrupulous, 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED UC. Any and all delay, in obedience to that direction guarantees the worst consequences imaginable to all humankind. After over three decades of that delay, since 1981, samples of those horrendous consequences surround us, worldwide.

Listen to the God-less self-centeredness you’re drowning in, Peter, you miserable wretch.
Poor Peter actually had the hubris to forget all humankind’s plight, when he wrote:
"I’m sorry you lost faith but we have not. Our movement is in a mess but it is our family and we love the founding theology and we love True Parents and family members don’t abandon one another just because they go through hard times."
You’re already dead and you don’t even know it, Peter, and may God have mercy on your below-form-spirit soul.

I also have “faith in SMM/DP”, but we part company when you sell your soul to the wholly-satanic, disobedient-to-SMM LEADER-CENTERED UC, Peter. How does it feel, Peter, to learn that YOUR support of the LEADER-CENTERED UC, (anytime after 1981), has actually contributed to CAUSING these horrendous consequences, of famine, war, and untold suffering by all humankind, certainly MOST of which could have been avoided if YOU had grown a backbone and left the LEADER-CENTERED UC in obedience to SMM’s Four Prime Directions? You had a plausible-denial, (LIAR’S) excuse while SMM was alive, (i.e. “I’m doing what SMM says to do!”), but for two years now, (since He Ascended), you’ve had zero excuses, although you’re desperately trying to hold up TM as your present, plausible-denial, (LIAR’S) excuse.

Your fate, Peter is explained in Revelation 21:8 —- “But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters ===>AND ALL LIARS<===, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”
You’ll also find yourself in Galatians 1:10 —- “For am I now seeking the favor of men, [i.e. OF MY CENTRAL FIGURES?], or of God? Or am I striving to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a bond-servant of Christ.”
And Jesus nailed you when He said, in Matthew 12:36-37 —- “But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment. For by your words you will be justified, and by your words YOU, [PETER STEPHENSON], WILL BE CONDEMNED.”

Remember, within the reality of DP’s guidance, that True Mother stands on the quicksand foundation of two wives who failed before her, so She is obviously not in any position to justify your continuing membership in the LEADER-CENTERED UC, unless and until She obeys SMM’s Four Prime Directions 100%, (as listed below). Remember that video of TM trying to convince TF to put In Jin in a leadership position? Most folks thought TF acted demented, but I always recognized that TF was just “playing dumb”, resisting TM’s overly-feminist, misguided, incompetent judgment. We’ve all later found out that His judgment was best, concerning In Jin, and TM’s willingness to betray TF by allowing that video to be broadcast far and wide, only further proves how extremely inadequate and disobedient to God’s Will TM can be, without daily, constant guidance from TF.

Peter Stephenson’s wily “mention” of TM’s “positive attitude” toward apparent “rebellion” in the UK UC is just Satan’s means of trying to establish that, (since TF has Ascended), TM’s word equals and/or trumps SMM’s word. But TM’s word does neither. Following are two quotes, in which TF clarified TM’s “position”, and/or “value”.
TF said:
What is so wonderful about Mother is that she trusts everything I say. She has absolutely obeyed what I have said, and therein lies her greatness.
It’s clear that SMM was making sure we’d know that TM’s value was manifested ONLY in Her daily, continuing obedience to TF. Thus, unless and until TM obeys TF’s Four Prime Directions, (after TF’s Ascending), Her value is minimal, and She certainly has NO “position” whatsoever, from God’s Viewpoint in the light of DP.
TF said:
You’ll know the truth only after things have matured. …  …You didn’t know. Satan didn’t either. Only God alone knows my way of pioneering. …
…Even if all nations or even all heaven and earth deny what I have been through, God can vouch for it. Christianity and other religions hated me, and nations hated me. Even God couldn’t teach me how to do things. Where would God go? Who did all the blessing and who knew all this?
Who else knew what I knew? [Note: “No one except You!” IS THE CORRECT ANSWER, IN THIS CONTEXT.]

In all the above context, Peter Stephenson is a perfect example of the 100%-evil nature of 2014 members of the LEADER-CENTERED UC, which has existed since 1981 in absolute DISOBEDIENCE to SMM, as per SMM’s Four Prime Directions, as follows, (in chronological order):
[A] His 1977 thru 1983 constantly-repeated decree of the permanently-established mission, (i.e. “Home Church”), whereby each UC member MUST work, (within a 21-year deadline), in a 360-home area wherever he or she lives, to “win the hearts” of a MINIMUM of 84 people who will accept DP 100%, thus recognizing SMM as The Second Advent Of Christ — (one speech AT):
[B] His decree, on Oct. 28, 1981, that the UC/UM must immediately become 100% “MEMBER-CENTERED”, and permanently end it’s “LEADER-CENTERED” mode, AS AT:
[C] His proclamation, on July 1, 2000, that Unificationists must create an appropriate, comprehensive “Unificationist Constitution and Laws”, AS AT:
[D] In His paramount, 2007 “15 Peace Messages”, (i.e. Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong, [Messages of Peace]), in Peace-Message-5, He ordered that no one should tithe (or donate) to the UC/UM unless they could do so “with a joyful heart”, which meant that a “100%-MEMBER-CENTERED” UC/UM must be created, and no one should support the “LEADER-CENTERED” UC/UM any longer, AS AT:

My personal opus concerning the UC is at:
, with a 40-minute, pithy, condensed form at:

My confession, is that I believe God has released me from responsibility for any of this world’s problems, as I act in the spirit of Jonah, demanding that the LEADER-CENTERED UC repent, so that God can heal and transform it into a MEMBER-CENTERED UC. When I see “Christian organizations” digging water-wells in Africa, I confess, my attitude is that they’re only doing it to make money as the many times 90%+ percentage of donations they pay to themselves, while perhaps 10% goes to digging the wells. In addition, I believe those water-wells will only make it possible for the people there to breed more, and create expanding populations, who will suffer even more than before, (until and unless they discover and follow the scrupulous, 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED-UC Second-Advent that must be created). That opportunity for them to receive the Second Advent has been blocked for over three decades by the LEADER-CENTERED UC’s satanic refusal to obey SMM’s Four Prime Directions.
That scenario applies to almost all the “good deeds” that most people, (e.g. John Reed), accept as wonderful, altruistic activities, when in fact, there is no hope whatsoever for humankind, without their receiving the scrupulous, 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED-UC Second Advent, (i.e. SMM/DP). If you don’t believe that, then you’ll just have to argue with the deaf WMDs that are waiting in the wings to brutally silence your ignominious arguing. For that and so many other reasons, John Reed’s no-doubt well-intentioned claim that “We can do it better”, (by denigrating SMM and co-opting DP), is extremely harebrained, satanic enticement at best, AS AT:

And what do I confess, concerning the USA?
Well, concerning the USA’s problems, smug, ultra-complacent Peter Stephenson say, “You be smug and cynical if you like. I choose to work to improve things.” Riiiight. And what if it’s God’s Will that those “things” NOT be improved, all-knowing Peter?
I consider myself a patriot, but I know that USA citizens must be brought to their knees by suffering, since they’ll evidently respond to nothing else, to receive the Second Advent, (i.e. SMM/DP). In fact, the USA has always been guaranteed to fail, from the day of its inception in 1776. “How’s that?”, you say. Well, to make a long story short, it goes like this. The USA’s success as a “democracy”/”representative republic” is a fluke in all history. Historically speaking, a “single-leader system” has always been required for any country to even survive, much less prosper, be it any dictator, or a monarch as the Brits did it, or a fascist like Hitler, or an Islamist-Caliphate leader, or even a communist such as “Chairman Mao”. Without the continuity and focus those single-leader systems provide, no country has done well, as a matter of historical record.

The unique fluke of USA “success” has been made possible ONLY by the unique combination of soil and weather in the USA, creating agricultural exports that have poured money and power into the USA for 400+ years. That has controlled all USA history. Seeing that future potential led France to make it possible for the USA to win the Revolutionary War against England. That money and power also allowed the Founding Fathers the LUXURY of intentionally creating the USA government to be inherently WEAK, so that the three parts, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, would fight each other and therefore leave the citizens alone in freedom.
Then, the relatively few white indentured slaves were replaced by untold thousands of African blacks to accomplish the Herculean task of planting, tending and harvesting the crops. This meant that a “ruling culture” was created in the agricultural South that even to this 2014 day teaches that African-Americans are no more than animals, and thus are inferior to “the white man”. When the South seceded, taking all that money of agriculture with them, the Civil War was fought, certainly NOT to free the slaves, although the chaos created by freeing them during and after the war guaranteed the North that the South could never rise to secede again. The USA came very close to losing WWII, because of its lack of a monarch, although FDR was re-elected for 16 years, serving as the closest the USA has ever come to having a monarch. The USA’s lack of a “single-leader system”, meant that the USA was extremely vulnerable to Communistic infiltration and take-over, which explains why heavy-handed McCarthyism came into existence.
We find that the only death-blow delivered to communism in the USA was dealt by the Second Advent, (i.e. SMM/DP), in its anti-communism form.

The reversal of the USA’s money-and-power-advantage equation occurred in the last decades of the 20th century —- (gee, that’s when God sent SMM/DP!). A hundred years earlier, the USA’s population was ~20 million, and 87% of its exports were agricultural, which guarantees USA power because they cannot be boycotted. Around 1975, that 87% figure had dropped to only 15%, and then USA population rose above 300 million, which meant that the USA is finally on a level playing field with other countries, (such as Red China), for the first time in its history. That’s bad enough, but the USA’s politicians and citizens mostly do not even know this equation exists, much less have the wisdom to realize that receiving the Second Advent, (i.e. SMM/DP), is their ONLY hope. Thus, “old-school” politicians keep doing things as they always have, which has destroyed the USA’s future with a $17-trillion debt. Thus, the rich and/or corporations gain more and more control, to the detriment and enslavement of everyday USA citizens. Even “allies” like the Japanese have been carving the USA up like a turkey, by buying huge numbers of USA properties.
Thus, the USA is declining in the same way that the Roman Empire did, by failing to receive the Messiah.

Of course Christian values have always been important to USA “success”, (as TF has emphasized), but many Christian nations have never succeeded like the USA has. So, God blessed America, but that blessing expires to the degree that America rejects the Second Advent Of Christ, (i.e. SMM/DP). This is a one-way-street decline, and there are no ifs, ands, or buts, qualifying that expiration.
So if USA citizens must be brought to their knees by suffering to accept the Second Advent, we find that anyone “helping to alleviate suffering” in the USA is actually working against God’s Will, as of 2014. What a self-damning confession this is, eh?

Even though the scrupulous, 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED UC does not yet exist, my life is still full of inner peace, true serenity, and truly magnificent happiness, combined with my sharing of God’s obvious grief at this prolonged disobedience, (since Oct. 28, 1981), by the LEADER-CENTERED-UC MEMBERS, (and by TM’s disobedience, after TF’s Ascending). I confess that God has granted me a life of relaxation and blessings, as one of my epiphanies has been: “God knows how to WAIT!!!”. Thus, I too have learned how to WAIT, in great personal peace, happiness, and abundance.

And so that you don’t misunderstand or misinterpret my situation, I’ll inform you of the following “hard facts”. I’m physically a very healthy and passionate person, but I’ve been painfully celibate since I joined the UC in 1974, which makes me even “more holy” in this regard than SMM Himself. Within that context, I’m sure my countless autoerotic orgasms have been exponentially more intense and ecstatically transcendent than ANYTHING I’d have experienced with my form-spirit ex-wife. My best perception is that her spiritually-low hubris led her to the absolute “Fall” of betraying and permanently, premeditatedly abandoning me within 48 hours of our being Blessed together. To do that, she had to allow herself to fall under the spell of “the-king-of-traitors” Chung Hwan Kwak, aided by his self-serving, liar sycophants Nora Spurgin and John Kirkley. My prayer that God eternally rebuke them has been answered to my great satisfaction. In fact, as an extra-special bonus, Chung Hwan Kwak and his son, Jin Man Kwak, are the only members of the UC ever to be thrown out and publicly banned by SMM, and even banned from ever being allowed burial in any UC sacred cemetery, (i.e. Won Jon or Wonjeon), as at:
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!
In addition, I’ve received a substantial monthly income since well before I joined the UC. That’s right, I “set a condition” that I believe NO OTHER 1ST-GEN MEMBER of the UC EVER set; namely, even with that guaranteed income, (that meant I could have lived like a king with numerous wives, in any of a multitude of countries), I joined the UC and worked like a slave for over ten years, at a time in the Providence when SMM especially needed that “help”, (and every penny of my income served the UC, in one way or another). I say to you, I “died to myself” even before I joined the UC, and all of these/my “conditions” are extremely powerful for God to work through. So put that in your spiritually-dead-life pipe and smoke it, all those who might scoff, and presume that they understand my situation.
As a caution, I will also mention that I’ve seen people laid low, who got it into their minds to try to “go after” me, “oppose” me, or even to harm me in any way whatsoever, (e.g. Chung Hwan Kwak, et al). Concerning this super-charged, Providentially-momentous battle to replace the LEADER-CENTERED UC with a scrupulous, 100%-MEMBER-CENTERED UC, (as per SMM’s orders), the forces flowing are so fierce, and so mighty, as to defy any sort of “normal” comprehension. Now you can never say you were not forewarned, Peter Stephenson, (and any and all others reading the essence of full-truth in this message). Beware, lest you be FOUND opposing God.
Love To All, ITN & IDFN,
Dave Fleming

Brother Stephenson: It seems to me that you are almost ready to take the red pill. You are where I was about four years ago. Let go of your fears, and you will begin to see the truth… You are a prisoner Peter, even as I once was. Oz never gave nothing to the Tin Man that the Tin Man didn’t already have.

I wish you well brother.