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What is on the Moon?

What is on the Moon?

New Truth. False Doctrine. Providential. Cultic. Inspiring. Manipulative. Chosen. Evil.

People say a lot about the Unification Church. Can you give us a chance to tell our stories?

"…the special donation that Heaven asked us all to make"

Wait a minute.  WHO is “Heaven”??????  Why does a “donation” need to be made??  Who sets the goal?  What is it used for????  Donation means donation, NOT a bill that you didn’t pay.

Whoever is gullible enough to answer this with cash and believe it is going to “Heaven” is likely to fall for any scam, and forever remain in the poor house!!

Best post from FF recently - Thanks.

Anonymous asked: you can't hold true family,quirks and all, to earthly standards,can you?

Anonymous asked: In truth Hyo Nam Kim did liberate you and your ancestors. How does it feel to have spent all that money and have it finance someone else's leisure business? Now apply that from the Kim family, to the Kwak family, and then to the Moon family. We truly have been liberated.

Anonymous asked: Anybody remember Mr. Kamiyama's MFT lectures about building your Spiritual Bamk Account. That everyday you are paying indemnity on MFT and making your goal, you are making deposits in your spiritual bank account. While we were building our SB accounts Moon was building his SB account, (Swiss Bank Acoount).

From the files of Mike Jenkins


Here we have a cryptic post on TParents.com by Mike Jenkins commemorating a speech by Moon in 1975. Does anyone have this speech available? I would like to know why Moon attributes resentment to God, The True Parents and especially Ms. (Mrs?) Won Pok Choi. Was she ever married and have children? I have also heard that she had a bedroom next to that of Mr. and Mrs. Moon at East Garden for many years. Perhaps some of the disaffected East Garden workers can expand on this if they haven’t signed a non-disclosure agreement. Frank

Anonymous asked: Why did members believe in Ancestor Liberation? They were led to it. Members are like sheep guided by whoever is in authority. So the quality of character of the person in authority profoundly influences them. Most are kept in a state of childlike dependency. That is the consequence of the authoritarian parent. Moon is an authoritarian parent. His will is absolute. To complain regarding your vertical relationships in that system is defined as accusation - and that is fallen nature.

RE: What Made Members Believe in CP Liberation Theology

Just what I’ve been wondering. 
I remember being taught that people in the spirit world could only grow through the actions of a living person whose actions produced spiritual growth in that living person. It’s a long stretch to connect that to what was going on with CP. But then, how could any sane member believe in the apartments or houses in heaven bullshit, which flies in the face of any reason, logic, or DP teaching? When they said to get yours now or you won’t get one close to God, I figured they must just be toying with the members. to see how crazy they could get and still have the members swallow it.

A Strong Korea?

We hear the instilling fear about the third world war and using the threat of it to support the “Strong Korea” program.

These people really should read their principle books.

The third world war was already won through the democratic world subjugating the communist one. Principle had two ways to fight the war - through ideology - or actual war. The purpose was to develop the world through democracy to provide a foundation for the new truth. That means that we should be strengthening democracy while people inevitably make the transition from totalitarianism into democracy.

In the meantime the role of anyone with a new truth should be to promote it and develop their foundation of ideology. After all, while the external world develops, if they do not teach it then there will be a vacuum. I think that God will fill that vacuum through any means possible at His disposal to fulfill His dispensation and realize a better world. Christianity appears to be that instrument with more than 2.1 billion adherents in the world.  So where is the true family and it’s body of Unificationism, and what is it doing? It appears that the external world is taking care of that regardless of any effort from a small messianic movement. 

So perhaps the Hawks should think once again about what they are doing. Where are the profits from the armaments going? Are they being used to further the dispensation - or are they being hijacked and redirected away from their true purpose, which is building the Kingdom of Heaven? Are you enabling that to happen?

John Reed



Hak Ja Han: “A Time to be United, Inside and Out.”


This is the leading principle of the Moon family and the Unification Church. First Sun Myung Moon stole the intellectual property of the Jesus Church. And then the Moon family robbed all their economic assets from the members and the public (using “heavenly deceit”). The Moon family follows the same principle as organized crime.

Kirsti Nevalainen

Anonymous asked: What made members believe in CP ancestor liberation theology? It went against the foundation of the UC ideology, (that salvation cannot be bought) and (that there is no instant salvation). Why were members willing to eat, the candy of salvation belief? Now CP and it's Queen are being exposed. Will members keep denying that it was all a scam?