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What is on the Moon?

What is on the Moon?

New Truth. False Doctrine. Providential. Cultic. Inspiring. Manipulative. Chosen. Evil.

People say a lot about the Unification Church. Can you give us a chance to tell our stories?

Does lineage matter?

Anonymous asked: Moon was obviously very naive about his own children. Years before his death he proclaimed his children as trible leaders, in charge of certain places and members in the world. Was Moon so oblivious to the reality of his family? Did he have his head in the clouds or in the sand or to far up his arss.

Mrs Moon was heard talking to her hubby at East Garden during a leaders meeting via, skyp, many years ago because the conversation was broadcast so the leaders could all hear it. He, SMM was informing his wife that he wanted her to begin a world tour giving speeches on the ideal family. I kid you not, someone who was there, in the meeting told me they heard her say, “How can I talk about the ideal family when ours is such a mess.” That’s a quote from Hak Ja Han to her hubby expressing her concerns about how messed up she knew her family to be.

And yet she still parades herself around the world pushing her “ideal family” as God’s true family.

And to those who think “it’s all about lineage” as a means of justifying why they still believe in the Moon’s I have to ask you if this change of blood lineage you trust and believe in means that those with such new blood can do anything the rest of the fallen world does, act exactly like the rest of the fallen world, but that “it’s ok” because lineage is what makes something good or evil and not ones actions?

Anonymous asked: Where are the protests against the Moon Family, that turned HSA-UWC public funds and assets into the private ownership of the Moon Family. Mrs. Moon and H1 and family should return what they sucked from the blood, sweat and tears of members.

Does God have a blood lineage?

If the word lineage is applied to conscience and described as the vertical lineage that connects you to God and your parents lineage described as your horizontal lineage, then perhaps lineage is a metaphor for relationship, or connection. It seems to me that when Moon is talking about lineage, or stained blood, then he may be using it as a metaphor to describe our imperfect selves. But not just imperfect - but more specifically that nature we have that is unnatural to the potential that is our true self - or original self. I agree with Augustine that we are essentially good people that deviate, or become corrupted away from the potential of what would be our “truest” self - or that which resembles God.

We have, through our relationships, and interactions, and environment come to develop a false self. It makes sense that if we are born into a good family and environment then we are affected by that and if we are affected by the people in our neighborhood and social interactions. If we are hurt we develop defense mechanisms and react by becoming something that hides and protects our essential self from others. So I don’t believe we are essentially evil according to the doctrine of original sin. The concept of lineage used by an elite is not only confined to Moonism but also to Judaism. What does it mean to be engrafted into a lineage except to be connected to someone. Lineage seems to walk hand-in-hand with authoritarianism. Specifically in our case with Oligarchy and Absolute Monarchy.

I can accept lineage as a metaphor for relationship with God and interconnection with all other living things but I don’t think it is necessary to have that concept and be in a lineage or connected to it through adoption - to interact with God and people. It’s kind of an absolute (or definite) tie that binds you to someone. You can’t escape it if you accept the theological premise of an original couple as true parents as a connecting point to God. The concept of true parents may be a position and an ideal one to set the tradition and example and to resemble God in that couple; but the question is whether or not that couple resemble God. Doesn’t every couple resemble God? Ideally each couple has the potential to resemble God’s dual essentialities - of heart, character and form to their children and those they interact with around them. Lineage - it seems to me is a way of having a definite relationship with someone - ultimately God.

It’s more than that though. Lineage and blood lineage represent an essential bond. Something that is like the blood that gives life and flows through your body sustaining your life. So why not be engrafted or adopted into Jesus’ lineage’ or anyone else’s for that matter. What makes Moon so special? Actually with Moon it seems that there are the ideals of what an original Eden could be but the reality - his reality and that of his family are radically different and deviate from those ideals. What is it about Moon that should be so compelling as to connect so definitely with him and his family? Does anyone have an answer for me?

John Reed

Anonymous asked: Is there any news on the Amrine UC sub-group? It now has an official name - Mother's Foundation for Eternal Harmony.

[Exclusive] Standing before the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center, Japanese members of the Unification Church demonstrated to demand the return of illegally used donations of 263 billion won. They asserted that Hun-mo Hyo-nam Kim’s family committed illegal bestowal, misappropriation and embezzlement.

The committee revealed that, under the Japanese legal system, the misappropriation and embezzlement was regarded as a criminal act.


On the 31st of last month [July 2014], the Committee to Return Cheongpyeong Donations, which is composed of Japanese members of the Unification Church, held a demonstration next to the road in front of the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center. 

Weekly Today – reporter Hyeonjun Lee    Published August 1, 2014

There was a demonstration to assert the public funds of 263 billion won were illegally used by Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center of the Unification Church, and the group demanded they be returned.

The Committee to Return Cheongpyeong Donations, composed of Japanese members of the Unification Church, held a demonstration on the road in front of the Unification Church’s Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center and demanded they return the public money, disclose the amount of the public money taken, and carry out an audit.

The committee revealed that Japanese Unification Church members made astronomical donations to fund the ancestor liberation ceremonies and the ancestor blessing ceremonies at the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center over the past 19 years, since its inception.

The committee said the Japanese members had learned that the money, which was earned through their sweat and blood, would be spent for God’s providence.

However, the committee revealed that the money for the ancestor liberation ceremonies at the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center poured out into the Cheongshim group, which was a private company owned by Hyo-nam Kim, Hun-mo Kim, and was privatized. 

The committee revealed that, under the Japanese legal system, the misappropriation and embezzlement was regarded as a criminal act.

In particular, the committee emphasized this violated the three principles which the deceased Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Unification Church, taught: “Don’t steal public money. Don’t commit sexual sin. Don’t hurt people.”

According to the committee, it was illegal that Hun-mo Hyo-nam Kim, and her husband Jae-bong Kim (the CEO of the company) and her first son Hyun-su Kimhan (real name: Hyun-su Kim) borrowed 263 billion won from the Cheongshim Church and funneled it to the affiliates of the Cheongshim group of which the CEO was her first son, Hyunsu Kimhan. 

This was an illegal bestowal which abused the Hun-mo position of the Unification Church, the theological affiliate person.

The committee said they demonstrated to warn the Unification Church not to commit further crimes of embezzlement or corruption.

According to the committee, the Cheongshim Church lent 188.5 billion won to Jinheung Leisure Development, Inc. (Pine Ridge Golf Resort), the private company owned by her husband, Jae-bong Kim. The Cheongshim Church illegally lent 54 billion won to Hungil Real Estate Development.

Also, 20.5 billion won was lent from the Cheongshim Welfare Foundation and the Cheongshim Church to Cheongshim (CEO: Hyun-su Kimhan) from 2010 to 2011.

The committee said they demanded the return of the Cheongpyeong Donations to correct the bad practice and behaviors to destroy the fundamental and ideal and commit illegal acts.

The person in committee said, “I’m sorry the Unification Church is involved in in-fighting over the astronomical amount of donations.”

He said, “from now on, all church members should repent, make the donations transparent to the public, audit to see that they have been used for the right purpose, and open the results to the public. No one can spend the donations carelessly. Not anymore.”

He said, “Some Japanese members lost their homes to meet the demands for large donations and this made their life miserable. The donations were made because of a theological belief. It must never become the private property of an individual.”

He said, “This is the moment where Hun-mo Hyo-nam Kim must make a decision. All members of the Unification Church from around the world will see the conscience of Hun-mo Hyo-nam Kim. We suggest she accept our demands.”

The demands of the committee against the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center and Hun-mo Hyo-nam Kim are as follows. 

1. Hun-mo Hyo-nam Kim should return 263 billion won of public money which was borrowed from the Cheongshim Church.

2. Hun-mo Hyo-nam Kim should reveal the Cheongpyeong donations, which were collected over 19 years up to the present, and make public the records of how the money was used.

3. Accept an internal audit of Cheongshim group affiliates, which were established as the private companies of Hun-mo Hyo-nam Kim.

4. All corporate bodies of Cheongpyeong should undergo an external audit by third party agencies which have public confidence, and reveal the results to all members of the Unification Church.


[관련기사related article:


Anonymous asked: Oh, well said Patricia H! Bravo....you made me clap with enthusiastic agreement! However, you left out the reason I do what I do here on tumblr and that is to create an electronic trail of rebuttals to Moons life and teachings for the sake of any kids born into the religion or folks being recruited into it's trappings to contemplate and compare. I could not, in good conscience, simply walk away from it all without creating such a rebuttal. I wish I had had such info when I was being recruited.

Anonymous asked: What the hell is going on here? First Mrs. Moon is keeping close relations with one of her most promiscuous children... Sun Jin, aka Selina, who has had who knows how many sexual partners while bartendering down in lower Manhattan, check out those sexy legs in those tight black pants. YUM YUM. How can her husband be around her?!?!? Second, I thought Kwon Jin was removed from his position as pastor of Las Vegas after giving a severe tongue-lashing to a Korean female member there? Getting weird.

Anonymous asked: Moon was obviously very naive about his own children. Years before his death he proclaimed his children as trible leaders, in charge of certain places and members in the world. Was Moon so oblivious to the reality of his family? Did he have his head in the clouds or in the sand or to far up his arss.


Sun Myung Moon had a pikareum sexual rite with Grandmother Pak Wol-yong, the ‘wife of Jehovah’ in Pyongyang in June 1946. She was the earthly wife of God, a Goddess incarnate. She was the only way to connect sexually with God for Sun Myung Moon and other male followers. Through this sexual ceremony Pak Wol-yong’s male disciples got a new blood lineage or a new spiritual body from God. But SMM never admitted this publicly and followed her only for one year. So SMM denied and failed his Messiah on earth. SMM should have followed and served Ms. Pak Wol-yong for at least seven years in order to learn and respect the motherly heart of God. Only after this course he would have been able to put into practice God’s love in his own immediate family and society. SMM never learned to know the Mother God and therefore he failed in his mission.

Kirsti Nevalainen

Anonymous asked: Dave, thanks for your very interesting perspective on my motivation and your suggested alternate focus. The main gripe I have is hypocrisy. The reality doesn't conform to the words. That would be okay except for the fact that there exists major deception - not honesty. Also, that there is a super rich elite and a serf class. That's not the KOH envisioned by the DP where there is common cause, mutual benefit, and whatever else it talks about. Moon is the antithesis of his words. John