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What is on the Moon?

What is on the Moon?

New Truth. False Doctrine. Providential. Cultic. Inspiring. Manipulative. Chosen. Evil.

People say a lot about the Unification Church. Can you give us a chance to tell our stories?

Anonymous asked: "200 Million Dollars Disappear in Chungpyeong" Sources recently revealed the location of the 200M. Apparently the cost of building materials have dramatically increased with the development of apartments in the Spirit World. The money is being held until they discover a way of converting physical cash into invisible untangle currency. No date has been set yet. Golf appears to be the primary means of conversion.

Anonymously deriding anonymity


Re: “Anonymous asked: All you guys bitching about the church anonymously are so pathetic…”

Anonymously deriding anonymity?

Does that count?

Anonymous asked: All you guys bitching about the church anonymously are so pathetic. If you are going to do it, then do it with dignity and put yourself out there in the line of fire. Otherwise you're just another coward writing on the internet.

200 million dollars disappear in Chugpyung…. wait, what?

i was skimming through HowWelllDoYouKnowYourMan when I came upon this jewel of an article about 200 million dollars disappeared from Ching Chang Chung freaking Pyung. Gone from the wallet of a praying member into the pocket of preying Demon-nim’s husband;; What in the lord’s name is going on? I wasn’t surprised they were misusing money;; that’s a given;; Didn’t we all know the whole setup is a scam? why do you first gens pretend that you beleive Demon-nim channels anything other than bullshit?

It’s retarded enough that people still believe in that bullshit of buying real estate in heaven or paying money for their dead relatives… but the article on HowWell should really be a wake up call to any member who still donates their money;; If this doesn’t wake you up then you suffer the classic Stockholm syndrome. The money you give is not being used for anything providential;; it is being used to pay salaries and for a failing golf resort that is privately owned by a korean douchebag who is smart enough to trick you into giving money;;;; Stop giving your hard earned fucking moneys to people who take advantage of you and abuse you. Buy yourself something nice or give it toyour children;;; or just dump your money to some homeless guy. It will serve a better purpose that way;; 

Anonymous asked: Re: 2nd gen nastiness - I am so thankful I quit the church while my kids were still too little to be affected that much by it, otherwise they might have turned out like that 2nd gen psychopath! Ugh! That person would probably feel right at home with either moonies or Westboro church!

Anonymous asked: C-mon, 1st Gen and 2nd Gen, we are no enemies to each other. Let us not forget our common enemies-the Moon family and filthy Korean kissing ass leaders. For their strange smell alone (not just from Kimchi, is it?), I can no longer stand with them. Making me puke my guts out. They deserve the eternal damnation in hell for having created all this horrible mess for us. And, we will never end public gossips (thanks to the Internet) of their sins, until their genes completely die out of this world.

Anonymous asked: You second generation hypocrite! Can't you see that you are building a world within your own community where your religion is central. Not only are you disrespectful - but you are blind. The first generation were suffering out there building a foundation for your ungrateful ass long before you were even born. John Reed