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What is on the Moon?

What is on the Moon?

New Truth. False Doctrine. Providential. Cultic. Inspiring. Manipulative. Chosen. Evil.

People say a lot about the Unification Church. Can you give us a chance to tell our stories?

Family Party touted as new headwing political party…it’ll never happen!

Some of you may know that TF launched the Family Party-FP to be the last step in achieving GIK after UC, then, FFWPU, then UPF did its job to build a mass movement, We have the FP in Korea, Japan and Nepal. In USA, FP was launched kind of secretly and then buried under AFC. I spoke with Dr. Yang in DC and proposed a national plan for USA that he liked very much Dr. Yang said that TF was talking about FP constantly in Hawaii and haranguing him about when the FP would get going in US so he welcomed my proposal very much but AFC killed any discussion on it. So I along with some folks in about 10 states are rejuvenating the American Revolutionary party as a HEADWING alternative to both LEFT WING-Socialism and Right Wing Greedy Monopoly Capitalism. We don;t favor the 1% or the 99% but work for the 100%Check this out an please give me some feedback.http://www.americanrevolutionaryparty.us/ Thanks

HJH tells members that without TP they are empty shell that become useless

Oh Hak Ja Han, you poor, poor thing. My heart goes out to you for how feeble your thought process has become. When you were born your mother was already in Lucifer’s camp, believing that old Luciferian line about “having sex with him will make her like God”. Then, when you grew out of childhood and into the very beginning of puberty Lucifer took you as his second bride. How could you have known that he was having sexual intercourse with Annie Choi before and after his marriage to you? You’re faith back then was so pure and innocent. You were a beautiful young lady, pure and open hearted and happy.
But once your Luciferian husband tired of the boring sex of the inexperienced child that you were he must have made you feel so awful about your sexuality because you had to be taught that in order for him to stop straying (like an alley cat with Annie Choi) you had to learn how to act like a prostitute in the bedroom. That advice that was given to you by those whom you trusted in the infancy of your walk as a women, your faith and marriage was the exact same advice you passed on to Nansook when your son did to her what your Luciferian husband did to you. Hyo Jin Moon cheated on Nansook all the time. Your advice to her was the same advice that was given to you when your husband cheated on you…”act like a prostitute in the bedroom.” But it didn’t work for you and it did not work for Nansook. Your men still cheated.
I heard about your testimony to the leaders way back in the early 1980’s. I was told you could not recount your life as Sun Myung Moon’s wife because the pain you had been subjected to by him was overwhelming/all consuming. And that’s how I know that he abused you in the name of God. You told the leaders that you would often find yourself in your room, alone, weeping and praying for God to help you understand why your husband was so offensive, cruel to you and unfaithful to you.
But unlike Nansook who had the courage to leave your son when he was abusive to her and her faith and her children you stayed with your abuser. You told Nansook to act like a prostitute to keep your son from straying, it must have made you feel empowered over her innocence to take the blame from your son and place all of it at her feet because that’s what everyone had done to you when you were a young innocent bride like she was.
Hak Ja Han. I’m so sorry you lost your way. When I saw photos of you as young women you looked full of life, beautiful, happy, innocent, open to the world, free. Now I look at you and you look old, angry, shallow, closed off to life and love; all those things replaced with earthly wealth. Your husband ruined you. His cruelty, because it was done in the name of God, destroyed your faith in a loving God. As you watched your children grow without their parents (it’s their own testimony that they were neglected by both you and their father) into selfish, angry people your heart broke on even deeper levels and there was no belief left in you that God could possibly exist.
So you latched onto the only thing in the world left to us when we let go of God…money, position, power, greed, vanity and a very sick disdain for the members of your Luciferian husbands church. How you must loath the members for being stupid enough to actually believe in God or in goodness.
I saw the video where you and your son are in a bedroom with your late husband. He was incoherent, (senile?) the two of you were trying your damnedest to get him to write and sign a proclamation, but he could not for he was incoherent. At one point in that video you referred to the members as “ignorant members”. That’s how you see us. You see our faith in a God you no longer believe in as stupid and “ignorant”.
You think we are stupid because we trust you and your husband instead of trusting God. And you’re right. It is foolish to put human beings on par with God. However, since you no longer even believe in a God of love it is not only easy to think of those who do as stupid and ignorant…but to take everything from them. You live in a dog eat dog world where your couple is the biggest baddest dog. Your couple takes and takes and then laughs at those from whom you take.
My heart breaks for you and your wealth. It has become your prison. The one who is truly ignorant is you because you stayed with an abusive husband who abused you and your children in the name of God. He blinded you to the truth about God. I know that the young innocent girl who loved life and loved people is still there somewhere under all that anger and resentment and hatred that oozes out of you when you think you’re acting the part of a leader. You are so sad and angry. It shows through every word you say.
I hope you can go back to the way you were before you started to believe your Luciferian husband who never actually knew God at all. The real God of love is nothing like your husband was. Your husband personified Lucifer. He took your innocence and hurt you deeply on every level of human relationship and told you it was all God’s will. How could you listen to your husband and not turn away from God? They are total opposites.
It’s never too late to turn your back on the lies of your husband Sun Myung Moon and find the real God of love. He will welcome you back because he is not like your husband. God is good, God is merciful, and God is forgiving. It isn’t too late. Please don’t go the rest of your life being an atheist because your mother and your husband lied to you about God. They simply did not know what they were doing because they were also deceived.

Hak Ja Han you are the one who is an empty shell that became worthless. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let go of all that pain inside your heart. Let go of all that suffering your husband subjected you to in the name of God so that your eyes can once again be open, so your heart can once again be open, so your love can grow and your disdain for others can melt away. Hak Ja Han, be happy, be loving, be free. Those are things you can never purchase. Stop trying to purchase an identity with things. They are not making you happy. It is clear to everyone (with eyes to see) that you are not happy or free or loving. All your wealth can never buy you a stairway to heaven.
Linda Feher


SMM, said anyone who joins in the UC will become a servant of servants of Satan.  Satan’s slave.

Sun Myung Moon’s word: “This formula applies to everyone in the Unification Church, without exception, and to anyone who comes to join.                                                                                                                First you are a servant of other servants in the satanic world, not even in the godly world. That realm on the satanic side is the very bottom,” Sun Myung Moon, Dec 30, 1979- Belvedere, Translator Sang Kil Han

This is Sun Myung Moon own words; saying that anybody who joins in the UC will became a servant of other servants of Satan, Satan’s slaves on the very bottom of the satanic side.

So, this is what happen to people who believed in the false messiah Moon, and join the UC, they become the servants of other Satan’s servants, Satan’s slaves.

Now the people who believe in the only real Messiah the Lord Jesus, become children of God.

Lord God’s word: But to all who believed in the Lord Jesus, and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God. John 1:12

The choice is yours do you want to believe on Moon and become the servant of other servants of Satan, Satan’s slaves on the very bottom of the satanic side?

Or you want to believe in the Lord Jesus, and accepted him, he will give you the right to become children of God. The choice is yours!

Another example of the false messiah Moon, leading people to Satan in the beginning of UC in the North Korea this coming from his first disciple: Won Pil Kim

Excerpts from Won Pil Kim’s “Father’s Course and our Life Of Faith”

"I’d like to tell you another story. Already 30 or 40 years before Father(Sun Myung Moon) went up to North Korea there were religious groups there which had been prepared to welcome the Second Advent. Father visited one of them. One day he said to them: "If you believe Satan’s word completely and absolutely to the end as God’s word and if you attend him, even Satan will take you to God.” Suppose you believe, learn and practice Satan’s word completely and actually you attend Satan, Satan won’t take you to himself but to God. Do you understand clearly? ” Won Pil Kim

Notice, Moon is clear, deceiving people to believe, learn and practice Satan’s word completely and to attend Satan. Falsely telling them, that Satan the father of lies, the evil one will take them to “God”.

Moon the false messiah is telling people to believe, learn and practice Satan’s word completely and to attend Satan. This is totally the opposite of the Lord God’s word:

Luke 4: 7 So if you will worship me, all this will be yours.” 8 Jesus answered him, “Scripture says, 'Worship the Lord your God and serve only him.'

This is the Lord Jesus answer to Satan’s temptation, with the Lord God’s word: 'Worship the Lord your God and serve only him.'

Fear the LORD your God, serve him only, and make your oaths in his name. Deuteronomy 6:13

In 2006 this messages from Hyo Nan Kim "aka Dae Mo Nim”,  have been approved by Sun Myung Moon,and send to  UC members, Excerpts from the messages:

We (UC members) are all bound to Satan and the evil spirits, being dominated and controlled by them. Hyo Nan Kim “Aka Dae Mo Nim” Nov. 8, 2006

Today, Satan and the evil spirits have a complete hold on us(UC members). Hyo Nan Kim “Aka Dae Mo Nim” Nov. 8, 2006

Sun Myung Moon, have ordering this message to be senT to the UC members, telling them that all UC members , are bound to Satan and the evil spirits(demons), being dominated and controlled by them and that Satan and the evil spirits have a complete hold on the UC members

Notice to all UC members: If you do not want to continue be deceived and controlled by Satan and his demons, leave the UC, repent and accept the only Real Messiah LORD JESUS, and you will be taken from the power of Satan to the mighty power of the LORD GOD. The choice is yours!

Please read the Lord God’s word; Acts 26:18 You will open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light and from Satan’s control to God’s. Then they will receive forgiveness for their sins and a share among God’s people who are made holy by believing in Me. (Lord Jesus).

A Defense of Hak Ja Han

I feel a need to take on the role of Devil’s Advocate and leap to the defense of Mrs. Moon.

If someone had asked me a year ago what I would want Mrs. Moon to do as church leader I would have given five items, in order of importance:

1)      Let people marry whomever they want

2)      Get rid of Divine Principle

3)      Get rid of the “True” Children

4)      Get rid of Hyo Nam Kim

5)      Reorganize the church on congregationalist lines

Just over a year into her leadership she’s already close to scoring three out of five. We are told that people will soon be officially given the right to marry whomever they please. The Cheon Il Yuck Constitution is ghastly but no sane person thinks it will ever be implemented anywhere, and it does have the great merit of not including Divine Principle (the source of all the church’s problems and of all the problems of the Moon family) as one of its official scriptures. Moreover, it goes a great way to excluding the “True” Children from leadership positions. True, rumor has it that Selena Moon will be the chairwoman, but Selena seems to be the only member of the first (the so-called “Cain generation”) of the Moons’ offspring that anybody likes.* I consider item three to be virtually accomplished. Hopefully, after Selena they will pick one of the grandchildren and the nutcase genes will then quickly be diluted generation after generation. The only good thing about lineage, after all, is that it’s a matter of mathematical certainty that it cannot last. Mrs. Moon is on the cusp of fulfilling the three most important items on my agenda.

She has failed miserably at getting rid of that old fraudster Hyo Nam Kim, but people of faith may live in hope that differing financial interests will cause that relationship to crumble sooner or later. Or perhaps Mrs. Moon’s urge to reconcile with her children, none of whom believe in Hyo Nam Kim (just ask them!), will cause her to distance herself from her personal guru.

The Cheon Il Yuck Constitution seems to preclude number 5 on my list but there is some hope that the widespread dissatisfaction with which it has been received by the faithful will sooner or later lead to splintering and fragmentation.

So, I say “Well done” to the Divine Mrs. M, “Good job so far! Keep yer chin up, lass!” I’m speedily running out of Moonie-related things to complain about.

Graham C. Lester

*By the way, I don’t think Selena Sun-Jin’s past should be considered fair game: it was a long time ago and we have all done things that we are ashamed of at some point in our lives. 

Anonymous asked: What is the "Oasis" forum?

Anonymous asked: I forgive the moon family for exploiting me and i forgive the UC leaders for helping the moon family exploit my faith in God and my love of the human race for the personal gain of the moon family and themselves. Forgiving them does not let them off the hook but it does release me from the emotional burden of resentment. Now I also ask God to forgive them all as well. Linda Feher

Anonymous asked: Could some knowledgeable person please take the time to provide a list of all the current sites such as WIOTM? I only know of this, HWDYKYM, WIFL, Legacy on Facebook, and a few church-run sites.

Anonymous asked: ptsd,etc.,many as now, stay,do to a fallacy of hope,get the joke?

Its Bubbling

The sisters who write on the “Oasis”forum have gotten wind of the CIG constitution. they are not happy with what has been written.

Maybe, just maybe, the american UC will wake up and realize what a hideous document it is.


There was a fellow in the UC who was a soldier in the Viet Nam war before he joined the church. He was in a lot of fighting in the jungle. He survived long enough to become proficient at combat and for that reason he was kept at the front even after his regular tour of duty was over. A regular tour at the front was 6 months. He was there 18 months. He came home suffering from “battle fatigue” which today would be called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When we knew him in the church, he stuttered and had lapses in his speech. Sometimes, if he was startled, he would flashback to combat mode and raise his imaginary poncho with one arm to enable his other arm to take aim and fire his imaginary M-16. A remarkable story.

 Maybe even more remarkable was what he told us about his experience as a full time UC member. He said Viet Nam was easier.

 2nd generation, please consider  that  story when evaluating your parent’s involvement with the Unification Church. They didn’t join to escape the reality of life or find a warm fuzzy comfort zone of group hugs and nurturing love. The UC was, in those days, a mission oriented place of constant activity, sacrifice and self denial. Warm fuzzy moments were few and far between and never lasted long enough to be enjoyed.

 Why would somebody put themselves through such an experience? The soldier was drafted into Viet Nam and was forced to stay. Your parents volunteered and were free to leave at any time yet they stayed regardless. Do you really know your parents? Ask them why they worked so hard and sacrificed so much. You will learn something worthwhile.