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What is on the Moon?

What is on the Moon?

New Truth. False Doctrine. Providential. Cultic. Inspiring. Manipulative. Chosen. Evil.

People say a lot about the Unification Church. Can you give us a chance to tell our stories?

Anonymous asked: Come on Dave, signing LF instead of Linda Feher is hiding? Is there anyone who reads this stuff that would mistake LF for anyone other than me? Writing “Linda Feher” all the time becomes laborious after a while so it’s just easier to sign off as LF. Seriously, you read too much in such small things, mountains out of mole hills as my mother used to say. If I read a post ending with DF I wouldn’t think it was anyone but you and I wouldn’t think you were hiding your identity. Geeesh.

Anonymous asked: Frank, a flawed messiah would be acceptable. Moon claims to be more than that though - our true parents. Is he a 'true parent" Is his family a true family? To answer that we need to understand the definition of the word "true" as taught in the Principle and then applied to Moon and his family. It seems to be defined based upon lineage. Do they represent God's love and life? When you observe them - is that what you see? Is their character coming close to, matching, or exceeding a saint? John Reed

South Korea: the second anniversary of the death of Rev. Moon


AFP (press)

More than 20,000 members of the Unification Church gathered Tuesday, August 12, 2014, in South Korea to commemorate the second anniversary of the death of the founder, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

I think it’s Dae Mo Nim (Hyo nam Kim)  who is at the end of the vidéo.Mais I’m not sure.
Kwon Jin Moon and his wife are in the foreground.

Oddly, no image of Hak ja Han Moon
or Sun jin Moon.

Secte Moon : la famille Moon,les vivants et les autres


Flawed Messiah ?

Frank , all things considered a messiah with obvious faults is far more desirable than one without obvious faults ( perhaps hypocritical tendencies would be a better phrase ) as one without the obvious faults would be able to delude ( denude ? ) people longer . What Eby fails to mention is that the word ’ messiah ’ itself is one of those terms that is so open to interpretation and various definitions that any number of them could suffice in fooling a certain number of people if that particular definition and supporting explanation satisfies them . It’s a ridiculous concept at its very core and one that is dangerous as well because it supersedes a system of checks and balances and claims to transcend  human laws . It’s totalitarian , not democratic .


Yes that is the real question not about the dead messiah Rev Moon but about the living breathing naysayers like Frank.

Rev Moon is dead along with Robin williams so give them both peace and prayers. Yet frank has no mercy in your heart Frank.

Your daughter was raped, your blessing is on the rocks , you have no real job. yet you continue to go after Rev Moon.    It is just ironic and outragious on your part to keep pointing the fingers at Rev Moon.  

Your proud you pulled your Japanese wife out of the church, your proud your children have not gone to the blessing.  Your proud that you distribute the book all over the internet the tragedy of the 6 marys . Even though the author publicly recanted it and said he was just negative.

One day Frank your going to be all alone, your children gone there ways.

Your wife who you ruined her life will also have left you and like Chiaki Ainsworth joined the woo group because you were such a bastard of a husband.  

Laughing at the Dead Rev moon is as pathetic as you laughing at the stiff corpse of Robin Williams dangeling from the ceiling with a rope around his neck.  Your truly a troubled and bankrupt soul



Flawed Messiah: Addendum

"The messiah has a task, the central point of which is to restore the blood lineage lost in the fall"

Ok , so  with their particular definition of ’ messiah ’ what is the evidence /result ? 

Anonymous asked: How can members still be so sincere and dedicated? You see these incredible members working for a providence that died with its founder. They still try to have hope in a family that is broken, immoral, and corrupt. They try to live by a flawed, lifeless theology.

Who is Cain? Who is Abel?

Hi John Reed,

Yeah, I know where you’re coming from concerning Cain/Abel but I gave up using the Old Testament as a guide for life when I de-Mooned my life.

I tell myself that if the Old Testament were such a great world view that it brought about God’s kingdom on earth I’d have to bow down to its truth and greatness. However, when studying the history of the Jews who boast of being the chosen of people God one sees a severe sustained lack of proof as to such claims. I also wondered that if they were so chosen by God as to be his exclusive “people” why was so much of what they believed debunked by the words of Jesus “the Christ of love?”

When I study the Cain/Abel story it seems to personify the “us” vs. “them” problem with the world. In the UC it was never clear who was actually Cain and who was actually Abel because the biblical C/A were supposedly adversaries based on order of birth thus representing the fall whereas in the UC C/A was usually predicated on positions of authority vs. no position at all. Abels being the few leaders at the top with the members being the Cains at the bottom of Moon’s pyramid.

According to Jewish belief Cain was the first murderer. So being equated as Cain had extremely negative connotations attached to it. Whereas Abel was the good guy whom God loved, was murdered for being loved by God and thus the super good guy. So setting up the leaders as Abel and the members as Cain had the effect of putting us in our positions of the good guys who lead and are special while the rest of us “members” were the bad guys who needed to submit to the good guy leaders in order to be worthy of God. It was an extremely powerful means of control and Moon used it to his complete and utter advantage.

And yet, what did the dichotomy between the old leaders and the young members have to do with the birth positions of Cain and Abel?  Seems it was turned around to suit Moons agenda of control through the pyramid system. Those closest to Moon and who would do his bidding were “Abel”, and those who were controlled by the leaders at the bottom of the pyramid were “Cain”? That always bothered me because it made no sense according to the teachings of the Old Testament or the teachings of Moon himself.

Just my thoughts,

Linda Feher

Who wants to follow a flawed Messiah?

Show of hands please…..Don’t be shy. Personally, I think it would be cool to have a messiah that was all to human, goofy even but was able to admit his faults. Sadly that is not Rev. Moon. Too many church apologists have made extra effort to promote Moon as some sort of lovable, magnanimous old man. This isn’t accurate either. A friend sent me this link recently and once again I have to congratulate Gary Fliesher for his excellent church archive. 


Lloyd Eby made a compelling pitch15 years ago for a flawed messiah and probably hasn’t been heard from since. I often wonder if the top church supporters were aware of just how flawed Moon was. Much of the early literature and the symbolic church rituals suggest that the restorational sacrament of Moon’s church is sexual. Would Lloyd Eby have allowed Moon to have the first go at his bride on their wedding night? To most Americans this sounds like the initiation rite for a motorcycle gang. Add to this Moon’s peculiar politics, business practices and a host of other justifications and you have an affliction of a greater magnitude than simply “flawed”. It is commendable that Lloyd made the effort to explain rather than spin the bad news though. Unfortunately, this approach probably didn’t endear him to the regime so Moon’s hand picked leadership continued lying to the members eventually leading to even more catastrophic failures. If the followers of Moon have any intention of salvaging their life’s work they will have no choice but to jettison the most destructive element. Complete and utter transparency would probably help in that decision as the truth may be more than they can bear.  I think it may be time for foundational members like Lloyd Eby to come back and council the remaining members so to make that transition as psychologically gentle as possible.   Frank