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What is on the Moon?

What is on the Moon?

New Truth. False Doctrine. Providential. Cultic. Inspiring. Manipulative. Chosen. Evil.

People say a lot about the Unification Church. Can you give us a chance to tell our stories?


During the last six decades many Unification Church members founded different businesses for the Church and were fundraising the first capital for them. Sun Myung Moon’s industries employed volunteers from the church and they worked at sub-standard wages or they were paid nothing for their 18-hour daily work, seven days a week, without medical care or pension funds.

Today the companies which were originally founded by members to profit the Unification Church have been transferred into the personal possession of the Moon family members. Already in 1992, under Sun Myung Moon’s orders, Kook Jin “Justin” Moon, instituted a boardroom shake-up of the Unification Church’s many companies, and placed Moon and his family members in the key positions. Like his father the son was afraid when his father died, the disciples would betray the Moon family. He wanted everything in the family’s name. Now all the vast fortune, worth of many billions US dollars, which the UC members collected under great sacrifices, belongs into the private possession of the Moon family.

This is the greatest swindle in the history of religion. Sun Myung Moon comes from the East and claims to be the Messiah and the Lord of the Second Advent and the perfect incarnation of God. He claims everything in this cosmos belongs to him and his family and begins to collect riches from his followers and the public. And members believe everything and sacrifice themselves and their families and thus ruin their own lives and the lives of their descendants.

This swindle should be recorded in the Guinness book as a warning to everybody.

Kirsti Nevalainen

Money donated to HWDYKYM is going to the Ruth Ellis Center and the American Friends Service Committee—mainly to work with homeless and at-risk youth and inner-city high school students

Hello peeps!


I would like to be more active on this blog.

I started this blog a couple of years ago, while I was still coming out, “breaking free” and figuring myself out, because I needed something like this, but it didn’t exist.

It’s been a rough time with lots of tears, lots of fear and lots of growth, but now, my life finally feels like it has settled down and I am able to give from myself, if that makes sense?

Therefore, I would like to invite YOU to ask questions and give me suggestions as to what I should write about. I have some ideas, but this blog is about you, about us, so I want to write about topics within the lgbt/UC subject that interest you.

Everyone is welcome to join the discussion! It doesn’t matter if you are queer or straight or cis or in the church, out the church, etc. The only messages I don’t answer are the ones from members trying to ‘explain how it all works’ and other irrelevant messages. ;)

I am out and proud, but I will stay anonymous here, because I know of other blogs run by ex-moonies, that got into trouble with church leaders.

Lots of love,

Admin (how the hell do I sign this?)

Anonymous asked: To the person who added a note to my comment: Your theology is not mainstream. I am not looking for another Messiah. I understand your theology is that you are a Messiah and Moon was your John the Baptist figure. No thanks. John Reed

Anonymous asked: I am tired of focusing on the Moon family. Why don't we take the principle and together create something to be going on with. Take the method as well of home church, hometown and tribal messiah and do something with it. Just because the Moons used it for thier own benefit instead of God doesn't mean that the message cannot survive them and develop independently. Break away in other words just as many have done historically. We can do it and better. John Reed

Dear Brother Peter Stephenson:

Never look down on someone

Dear Brother Peter Stephenson,

You have shown empathy for the plight of the Japanese families and in doing so; you have also shown a level of insubordination to the matrix of the church system. Advising the Japanese members to ignore TM’s command and “give from their hearts” shows that you are a good and caring person.

The path you have chosen is not an easy one but always remember that you are not alone. Many of us here had to make the same hard choices and walk the same thorny path that you have chosen to go.

Ultimately it comes down to remembering the primary reason you joined the church. We did not have to lose the idealism of our youth when we parted with the church. For me, parting with the church, revived my lost sense of idealism and gave me back my faith in God and God’s compassionate love. We did not have to lose our sense of mission or our burning desire to help others break free of the bitter darkness of ignorance. We joined as sincere seekers of the truth and the ones who brought us to the movement, I believe were sincere in their desire to help us know a higher expression of truth, even as we ourselves were sincere and truly caring when we brought others in. It is that same burning desire to know the truth and to share the truth that drives many of the posters on this form to continue to be involved with WIOTM and HWDYKYM.

Ignorance is mean! We have both experienced and seen how this dark art of keeping people in a state of ignorance is used to bully and manipulate others. We have witnessed first hand how a systemic cloud of fear (a culture of fear) and guilting of others can be used by an elite minority to control and motivate a crowd of subordinates to give up their lives. At the top of the pyramid are a twisted family of narcissists who coldly steal and suck out the lives of others for their own benefit under the guise of altruism.

To put it bluntly, our sincere faith was hijacked via a slight of mind. We were given a “higher purpose” of serving the will of “God’s living bloodline on earth” (with the hope that we and our descendants could join that bloodline some day). In this way we were tricked into believing that the best way to bring true peace and salvation to the world was to “attend the true parents of mankind” (and by extension the “true family”). The easiest among us to trick, were those who lived in search of their own salvation (be it from Hell or the hell of accusing ancestors). We all fell victim to ‘evil genius’ mind control hacks gleaned, learned and honed in the death camps of North Korea.

Ultimately we can still pursue our vocation as truth seekers and as disseminators of the truth. We can find a way to help our brothers and sisters (Japanese and otherwise) to realize the truth. There are many of us here who believe that the Unification Church will ultimately collapse on its own. What with it being so unnatural and all and by the historical fact that the truth always comes out in the end. There are others on this form who would like to see the aforementioned collapse happen sooner than later. We have a new mission from God; to stoke the fires and let the bright light of truth dispel the dark cloud of ignorance that holds our brothers and sisters in a smothering death grip. We, who have broken free, cannot help but look back with empathy upon our dear brothers and sisters who are still trapped. Our conscience and our sincere love for God and humanity compel us to act and to reach out to them in any way we can. Feel free to join us when you are ready. Follow your heart and you can’t go wrong.



Anonymous asked: Rev. Moon was not stupid. He had to know CP and Dae Mo Nim was a scam. He did not seem stupid when it comes to the business of religion. Look at all the scams he created; Tunnel to nowhere, a Bridge to far, the horse ranch, Jardim, Moon estates around the world, slave labor. But CP got hijacked by the Kim family.