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What is on the Moon?

What is on the Moon?

New Truth. False Doctrine. Providential. Cultic. Inspiring. Manipulative. Chosen. Evil.

People say a lot about the Unification Church. Can you give us a chance to tell our stories?

Messiah - or just another loser?

Moon’s mission in life was to be the messiah. You could say that while others pursued a vocation his was messiah. But what kind of messiah was he? He appears to have been the messiah of the true lineage. His agenda was always that and his own mission and his family. So you see many events that serve to boost his own standing but none really that benefit other people in a very real way except if that served his first primary goal. You don’t see actual projects set up to help people. Instead we see tremendous amounts of money being spent on himself and his family. Instead of giving - he was and still is - always in the position to take from people without any compassion for their own situation as long as it served his own purpose which he felt was God’s will. So for example, if you compare the Salvation Army to the Family Federation what do you actually see happening? On one hand there is tremendous giving to serve and help people by the Salvos and on the other hand there is tremendous taking and using other people to serve Moon’s own personal objectives. They were to always be better than anyone else, to maintain the position of true parent, to be the wealthiest person in the world, to control the world and it’s people and it’s wealth, and it’s families, and it’s women, and it’s children, and forever be the the great cosmic emperor - the substantial embodiment of God on the earth and in the spiritual world. The only qualifier for that being the claim of true lineage and his apparent life of suffering, payment of vertical indemnity carried out horizontally. Anyway my point is that he lived in his own head in a fantasy world with himself as the leader. Within his own group he always be that. So just what has he and his family and his group actually done to make radical changes to the world? The salvation Army uses it’s resources to serve others while the Moon family organization uses it’s resources to take from others so that a single family and elite may benefit. 

John Reed

Anonymous asked: obviously the front for blessed father, was for the glory of G-d,right?

In the real world…

In New Zealand a notorious gang and the salvation army are working together to break the cycle of drug addition and improve their lives and therefore the whole community. These people really need help to keep the programme going. This is an actual real world example of helping people. What are the True Family and the rest of the membership of the Family federation for World Peace and Unification doing?

Do you see anything like this happening?

When you look at the Moon family movement what do you actually see?

It’s one thing to pretend you are saving the world and deluding yourself that you and your group are doing it. It’s another thing entirely to see a group of people like the Salvation Army actually doing it.

John Reed

Mongrel Mob Breaking the cycle.

We go inside the secretive world of the Notorious Mongrel Mob who speak candidly about the detox programme they say is saving lives.


Anonymous asked: Moon sired Sammy, this a known fact. Moon's own wife and children acknowledg this fact. Can anyone believe that Sammy was Moon's only act of infidelity? He must have done the wild thing multipule times behind Mrs. Moon's behind

Anonymous asked: I just became a fan of Roger. We need someone like Roger more here to make our chatting exciting. One-sidedness tends to make the subject stale easily. Remember the give-and-take action (I got at least that right from DP)? Roger, then, you should thank us too for being adversary to UC. We make the movement alive triggering the type of passion you exude here. Otherwise, what does the Church have these days? Nobody gives a shit... They and you need us to become at least a gossip. (smile)

Anonymous asked: Roger, so you are a first generation older member circa 1970's decade. You really are nasty. Those jabs at Frank and others are sharp poisonous and intended to psychologically injure them. I think you've done it to almost everyone here. It's kind of like your hate is not only dumped but you want to really hurt those you perceive as your enemy. Perhaps they are and you don't want to accept any challenge to your comfortable self image and vision of who you think you are. Nasty and seek validation.

164 Eves, for Roger

Roger, you would need to actually read the slideshow. On page 13 it states that the Lord of the Second Advent is to be regarded as a faultless being and then compares him to Joseph Smith and Muhammad, both of whom had multiple wives. He is also compared to a deer stag, the dominant male that monopolizes sexual behavior. This is the doctrine that religious founders are not subject to the same sexual mores as everyone else.

Page 17 explains that Jesus was crucified because he did not create and complete Eve. Page 18 explains that “Jesus was misunderstood to be seducing women and was consequently put on the cross.” We know already that Moon taught that Jesus had sex with Judas’ wife as part of this program of seduction, which Moon apparently felt obliged to repeat as the person called to restore and fulfill Jesus’ mission. We also know that Papasan Choi had previously stated that Moon had sexual relations with all or almost all the brides of the 36 couples. 

I already cited the source for the number 164 previously. Obviously, I don’t know for a fact that he personally had sex with every single one of them. That’s why I suggested that people could get a more accurate figure directly from Rev. Yong. Perhaps each member has to decide within his or her own conscience how many sexual conquests they consider acceptable in a Messiah. But when they come to this decision they should bear in mind that the Fall never actually happened, so there never was any real need to have sex with anyone at all in Eve’s position.

Of course, we can be charitable and say that Moon was an ignorant, uneducated man who took too many things literally. Perhaps in his own mind it was all completely sincere. Who can say?

Also, by using only the name Roger you cause suspicion to be directed at other members with the same name who might be wholly innocent. It would be better if you used your whole, real name.

Graham Lusty (aka Lusty the Clown)

More about sex

I take Rev. Yoon’s lecture series to be an official full disclosure on Moon’s inner doctrine of Pikeruen. The Church leadership has tried to keep it under wraps for many years but can no longer withhold the facts from the members. Restoration of Eve = Pikeruen. People like Roger will deny and obstruct but all of the partial disclosures and circumstantial evidence is starting to add up to one thing. Moon started a sex cult then ingratiated himself to the KCIA in order to protect it. They advised him to clean it up in order to gain foreign recruits but eventually Moon slid back to his old ways……the way of the Shaman! One other thing concerns me and Roger may have made a Freudian slip about it in one of his recent posts: http://whatisonthemoon.tumblr.com/post/97423156432/eat-your-hearts-lgbt-fringe-exmoonie-ist-and-2nd-gen

Just how young were the woman required to be restored and what of close family relations? We already get an idea about Moon’s relationship with his mother directly from the core doctrine. Now there appears to be something darker lurking in the shadows of East Garden. Why did Ye Jin Nim run away and then return after Moon was firmly in the grips of dementia? Why was Hyo Jin Nim in such a rage at his Father? Was there something deeper eating at him that drove him to abuse alcohol and drugs? It seems that Lady Dr. Kims daughter who grew up at East Garden and has abandoned her husband and children and became a dedicated member of the Amrine sub cult. What was her experience growing up with the Moon’s? Does In Jin and Un Jin have daddy issues? What was Moon thinking when he blessed his two illegitimate children together?  Why was In Jin pushing the “Original D.P.” when she was in charge? This isn’t Frank being frivolous here, he has an inclination to get to the truth of any issue. There is a historical precedent for sex cults to decend rapidly into abuse of this nature and it is important to expose it for the sake of the victims. There is absolutely no shame for the victims of such abuse to report it and to even testify against the perpetrators if a case can be made. Unfortunately these types of crimes are way to prevalent in our society and they tend to get dismissed too easily or covered up.  Authorities thought it was important enough to raid the compounds of both the Branch Dividians in Waco and that of  Warren Jeffs. The leader of the Children of God, David Berg ran away to Switzerland when the heat started to get close to him. Probably the only ones who can address this issue directly will be the members of the Moon family themselves. I would welcome any private communications with them on this issue. frankfrivilous@gmail.com

Anonymous asked: It is hilarious the proclamation that the True Family has opened the doors to spouses from the Cain world. Yeon and Jeung waited to get married until after Daddy was gone. Papa Moon would have never accepted the daughters choice of husbands. The daughters and their husbands don't believe in the UC crap. They do believe in their Trust Fund requirement, (get blessed or No Funds)


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