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What is on the Moon? | Why they are filming the videos in Korea and Japan

What is on the Moon?

New Truth. False Doctrine. Providential. Cultic. Inspiring. Manipulative. Chosen. Evil.

People say a lot about the Unification Church. Can you give us a chance to tell our stories?

Why they are filming the videos in Korea and Japan

This is a translation of the following article.

This explanation comes from a member in Korea:

Why is it that the Unification Church is forcing pastors to shoot these videos?

Observing the fact of filming videos it is clear that the Church and the Mission Foundation absolutely do not want Hyun Jin Nim to return to True Parents, and have no desire to reach a resolution.

They pretend to be good and say “We’re with the fervent hope that Hyun Jin Nim may return. True Parents are waiting for the day that Hyun Jin Nim comes back”, but what have they been doing? 
Their actions belie their words: they did public meetings to criticize and speak evil of Hyun Jin Nim, rioted against him, campaigned against him, they even went to the outside media and condemned Hyun Jin Nim as a heretic and destroyer. Even worse, they used the pulpit and sermons to judge that he is with Satan and Fallen Adam.

Ask anyone. You can even ask a child. 
Where in the world would there be a man who says he wants his brother back, and at the same time publicly judges and condemns him?

Ask yourself; could it be that church leaders really want Hyun Jin Nim to return to be at the side of True Parents?

I think the answer is: No. Absolutely they do not want him back.

But today I read the “Declaration of Conscience” of Korean pastor Jung Man-Hoe.

I learned that the church is pressuring pastors to film a video. 
So, it was not enough with meetings and tours criticizing Hyun Jin Nim, and so now they are forcing pastors to be put in front of cameras to condemn Hyun Jin Nim and Rev. Kwak as Satan and Fallen Adam. This way they are trying to do get evidence that pastors are trying to recover UCI.

What is it that they really want to accomplish with such a stupid strategy?

Of course the ultimate goal is that they do not want to lose their grip of power that they are maintaining. 
Still, I wonder what is happening in their heads to concoct such a communist and authoritarian idea. What kind of calculations are they making?

First, it must be that they are planning to use these videos as “evidence” against Hyun Jin Nim in the court of law for trials that are planned against him in the future. 
Basically they must be preparing it as a sign that the “leadership (ie, the pastors)” of the Church supports the current “leaders” of the Movement.

Second, they are using a psychological strategy such that when a person commits an act, that person tends to reach a conclusion that is based on the action he commits. 
It’s like when someone is debating in his mind whether or not to buy a product and is having doubts about the product until the last moment, but after buying the product those doubts disappear and he person creates the impression that the action he/she took was actually positive. In these situations the actions of one person decide the attitude that the person will have.

Most pastors do not know the whole truth of the situation. They are listening to words and rumors that are contradictory, and they have no way of verifying the truth of various things. They can only speculate on these issues. 
Many pastors and members have no access to verify the truth of the statements being made against Hyun Jin Nim and Rev. Kwak, and therefore they themselves had not yet reached final conclusions. In other words, they had doubts. But, through such an imposing environment forcing pastors to shoot these videos to criticize Hyun Jin Nim and Rev. Kwak, the pastors commit acts that form and inform their attitudes and conclusions in a particular direction.

Third, it is to trick and to uncover pastors who secretly support Hyun Jin Nim. 
In short: an “inquisition”. A person who does not want to shoot the video is the traitor within (similar to any Inquisition). There are many pastors who are very concerned about the direction the movement is taking focused on leaders at the Cheon-Bok-Goong (Palace). Some leaders are systematizing the Providence of True Parents in a way that it puts the Church above everything else. There are many people worried about what will remain as the legacy of True Father.

Because Church leaders are aware of the concerns of members and pastors, they decided to take this action to seek to calm those concerns. 
Not only to calm the concerns but to control and monitor the membership. Those who are weaker and easier to control and monitor are those that are dependent on the organization (ie, those receiving wages): the pastors.

Church leaders must have calculated that they only need those who support the goals of the organization. 
In short, they are willing to split the leadership and membership of the Church into two. This is because they themselves know that in reality Hyun Jin Nim is not “fallen Adam”. And because they know that soon the rest of the leaders and members are going to realize this truth.

So, this game is not yet finished. 
They now have nowhere to escape. They [church leaders] played all their cards to the very last one.

Hoping that this will end soon, and hoping that True Parents can find out the whole truth. Let’s go on forward hoping to fulfill the ideal of establishing one family under God and establish the substantial Cheon Il Guk on earth in the little time that is left.

  1. iknowmoon said: UC-schisms will not end soon, because it’s God’s Will to defeat totalitarian UC/UM “leaders” who’ve been disobeying Rev. Moon’s PRIME DIRECTIONS for over 3 decades! SEE: iknowmoon.tumblr.com/po… AND: true-parents.blogspot.c…
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