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What is on the Moon? | Latest Kwon Jin Moon Sighting

What is on the Moon?

New Truth. False Doctrine. Providential. Cultic. Inspiring. Manipulative. Chosen. Evil.

People say a lot about the Unification Church. Can you give us a chance to tell our stories?

Latest Kwon Jin Moon Sighting

In November 2011 a church friend of mine was in Rev Moon’s new house in Las Vegas. To his suprise and the Japanese sisters who happened to be there. Kwon Jin Moon just popped into the house unannounced without fanfair and said he wanted to see his father’s new house in vegas. 

He came with nobody, no wife. no friends just himself and two big dogs. My church friend said that Kwon Jin was really muscaler and beefed up from obvious working out at the gym.  His chest and arms rippled with muscles and looked very strong and healthy.    He also said that Kwon Jin is a house flipper that he buys and sells houses fixes up the interior and then flips them in the Los Angeles area.  

The Japanese sisters who happened to be there were thrilled to see him and like Japanese groupies do took pictures of him like he was a rock star. After a few minutes Kwon Jin left with his two dogs ,no wife and left Las Vegas.

My conclusion is I want to live like Kwon Jin Nim, I want to work out in the gym everyday and get healthy. I want to be financially free like him and do and go where ever I want.  I want to flip houses and make tons of money. I want to enjoy my life and seek any acting job I want and even if it fails I have a huge monthly trust fund to live off of.  

I say these things sincerely but when I look at my life and compare mine to his how pathetic I must look. A flabby first generation member who is unhealthy ,has no money ,owns one house that the bank actually owns until I pay off the mortgage. No trust fund just debt upon more debt. I guess the nimlings must increase and people like me must decrease!

  1. iknowmoon said: It’s sooooo much worse than you observe. Members of this LEADER-CENTERED UC/UM are in for a BIG surprise when they meet St. Peter. For a spine-tingling 30-minute read SEE: unificationist-primer.b… AND true-parents.blogspot.c…
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