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What is on the Moon? | I am responding to the post “He had a name” about ...

What is on the Moon?

New Truth. False Doctrine. Providential. Cultic. Inspiring. Manipulative. Chosen. Evil.

People say a lot about the Unification Church. Can you give us a chance to tell our stories?

I am responding to the post “He had a name” about Un Jin Moon. From what I know of her story, this is an outright lie! Un Jin is the most honest, responsible and sincere of the Moon children. She certainly is the most loving and respectful towards people. The writer of the piece should be ashamed of spreading these false rumors about a person who is just trying to find her proper place in life and be happy. Leave her alone!

  1. explodingthemoons said: wait a sec - “honest, loving and sincere”? seriously? we are talking about a moon, right? “respectful towards others”?! ok, now i know you are just joking.
  2. iknowmoon said: False rumors? This arrogant “child of the Messiah” remarried as she chose, without so much as a “fair thee well” to suffering UC-members without her gall. Her fate? SEE: iknowmoon.tumblr.com/po… AND: true-parents.blogspot.c…
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